Nursing Home Abuse Exposé: ManorCare Health Services, West Deptford, NJ

Once again today we are here to discuss another local nursing home that has been cited with a number of deficiencies in the past two years. As nursing home abuse lawyers, it is important for us to educate the public on the need to investigate whether appropriate standards of care are being met in the New Jersey and Philadelphia nursing homes. Numerous violations can be a sign of nursing home abuse.

Gloucester County Nursing Home Cited With Violations

new jersey philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyers manorcare health servicesToday’s post takes a look at a nursing home facility in Gloucester County. The name of the facility is Manorcare Health Services. It is located on West Deptford and has 156 long term care beds.

The Manorcare facility was inspected two times from November 2008 through October 2010. During these two inspections, 25 different deficiencies were cited. The scope and severity of these citations ranged from isolated to widespread. One of the citations was for a level 3 offense, which is one considered to have caused actual harm to one or more residents. In this particular instance it referred to not maintaining the proper nutritional status. There were also instances of life safety code violations and violations regarding the sanitary and comfortable environment, as well as bed sore prevention and treatment failings.

Twenty-five violations in only two inspections over a two-year period seems to be quite a concern. These types of failings are the things that can lead to patient safety concerns, including the acquiring of bed sores. During this time period, four complaints were also inspected and detailed at ManorCare. One of these complaints did in fact concern bed sores, and although it was isolated in this case, it was found to have had a potential for more than minimal harm. Of course, both acquiring a bed sore and the improper treatment of that bedsore are indeed nursing home abuse. Any of these issues should be discussed with a New Jersey nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. It is important to be an advocate for your loved one, and when abuse has occurred it is important to have an attorney advocating with you.

New Jersey and Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

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The 10 Worst Nursing Homes in the Tri-County Area: #2

Nursing Home Abuse is a growing epidemic in our long term care industry.

Manorcare Health Services (Gloucester)

Manorcare Health Services in West Deptford, New Jersey is number 2 in our list of the ten nursing homes in the tri-county area guiltiest of nursing home negligence or nursing home abuse. It’s also the first facility we’ve seen in the list from Gloucester County. Inspectors reported some deficiencies in the facility that we have yet to see in any of the other nursing homes we’ve mentioned in this list. The home was noted to have failed in the following areas of the inspection:

  • Hiring only people who have no legal history of abusing, neglecting, or mistreating residents
  • Reporting and investigating any acts or reports of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of residents
  • Giving residents necessary care to prevent bedsores or heal existing ones.
  • Giving care that supports the highest possible quality of life
  • Making sure residents nutritional needs were met
  • Reviewing drug regimes, and having licensed pharmacists check drug regimens monthly  as to keep medicine error rates below 5%
  • Storing and preparing food in a safe and sanitary way
  • Making sure common areas are free of hazardous obstructions
  • Providing necessary housekeeping and maintenance
  • Keeping accurate medical records

Nursing Home Abuse: Also disheartening was the fact that very low percentages of both long and short stay residents received flu shots and pneumococcal vaccinations. The facility was found to have higher than National and/or New Jersey percentage averages when it came to long and short stay residents suffering from moderate to severe pain, long and short stay residents who develop bedsores, long stay residents whose physical independence became limited, long stay residents who became more anxious or depressed, long stay residents who have catheters inserted and then left in their bladders, and long stay residents who lose too much weight.  The facility was also reported to lack any effective procedure to prevent the spread of infection.

The most disturbing of these deficiencies is that the facility received reports and accusations from residents or their families of nursing home abuse and neglect, and never took any steps to investigate them. That means that negligent and abusive staff members acted virtually free of consequence. Nursing home abuse should never go free of consequence.  Our ill senior citizens should be cared for with the utmost respect. The alarming trend of nursing home negligence and abuse has to be halted somewhere. It seems that now, the only way to do it is to hit the facilities financially with nursing home abuse law suits.

Victims of Nursing Home Abuse: Take Your First Step

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Note: Conclusions in this blog about nursing home abuse were formed from data provided by the State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and Medicare .