DePuy Recall Attorney Response to Latest Comment From Reader

As New Jersey and Philadelphia DePuy hip recall attorneys, we recently posted a blog that defended orthopaedic surgeons who had utilized the DePuy hip implant on their patients. Although this post did not totally exonerate orthopaedic surgeons from the DePuy hip recall mess, it did urge patients to give their surgeons the benefit of the doubt. This post drew a very pointed comment by Mr. Juergen Schaberick, who stated-

“As a victim of the DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal [hip implant] I like to ask if you would still trust your surgeon when his name pops up on the official DePuy website when searching for a surgeon in your area.”

Not ALL Surgeons Accepted Kick Backs

new jersey philadelphia depuy hip recall lawyers defend orthopaedic surgeonsWe thank Mr. Schaberick for his comment on DePuy and Johnson & Johnson, and we do not completely disagree. However, our own research has shown that not all doctors who show up on the DePuy website have accepted honorarium or other monetary benefits to select the DePuy hip implant for their patients. However, as was pointed out by Mr. Schaberick, many of the orthopaedic surgeons did in fact receive significant monies and benefits from DePuy and Johnson & Johnson in return for selecting the ASR XL Acetabular complete or resurfacing implant systems. Mr. Schaberick is also correct that DePuy and Johnson & Johnson paid millions of dollars over the last several years because of violations of federal anti-kick-back laws.

Most DePuy hip recall lawyers agree that these facts should give patients a good reason to be careful when choosing an orthopaedic surgeon. These facts should also give patients a strong incentive to seek a second, independent medical examination. Although there are a few orthopaedic surgeons who certainly should never be trusted when it comes to DePuy hip implants, we still believe that the majority of orthopaedic surgeons who prescribed the DePuy hip implant for their patients did so because they were fooled by Johnson & Johnson and DePuy’s slick marketing campaign.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

Regardless of your orthopaedist’s reasons for using any of the DePuy hip implants, if you are a DePuy hip recall patient, you are in a very tough situation and have some tough choices. That’s why all DePuy hip recall lawyers are encouraging patients to contact an attorney to learn of all available options when it comes to seeking compensation. Thank you again Mr. Schaberick for your comments. We look forward to future comments from you.

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