Medical Malpractice Lawyers Could Bring Class-Action Suit Against Pfizer for Defective Birth Control Pills

A mass recall of defective birth control pills could result in unwanted pregnancies for the women taking the recalled Pfizer birth control pills. Pfizer recalled 14 lots of Lo/Ovral-28 tablets and 14 lots of generic Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol tablets after discovering some of the blister packs may contain either too many or too few active pills and that the pills may be out of sequence. About one million packets of birth control pills are being recalled because of the error that could cause unintended pregnancies. Medical malpractice lawyers intend to bring a class-action suit against Pfizer for this severe negligence. Medical … [Read more...]

Fentanyl Patches Recall

In the month of February, Fentanyl prescription patches were recalled for the second time because of a product defect that could cause patients to overdose on the potent drug inside. Actavis South Atlantic, the manufacturer admitted that several lots of the patches sold nationwide might have a defect. The dosages are 25-microgram-per-hour, 50-microgram-per-hour, 75 microgram-per-hour and 100 microgram-per-hour. The patches have expiration dates of May through August 2009. A contract manufacturer, Corium International Inc., manufactured the patches for Actavis. Similarly, in January of 2008 Johnson & Johnson and Novartis AG's Sandoz … [Read more...]