Bedsore Prevention and Wheelchair Repositioning

As New Jersey and Philadelphia lawyers specializing in nursing home abuse and neglect cases, it is important to remind everyone of a common form of nursing home abuse and neglect, the occurrence of bed sores. To help prevent the painful and dangerous bed sores from forming, certain things are vital in a nursing home patient’s care. One of the most important factors is the proper positioning of the patient. Repositioning Wheelchair Bound Patients For those patients that are wheelchair bound, there are certain helpful recommendations for proper repositioning. An attempt should be made, by the patient, to move every 15 minutes. Nursing … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Stress Repositioning to Prevent Bed Sores

The most important thing to know about bed sores and/or pressure ulcers is that they are much easier to prevent than to treat, which is why prevention of bed sores is the best medicine. Consistent and proper care is the key to bed sore prevention. When a patient is in a nursing home or similar type of long term care facility, it is important that staff members are making sure appropriate care is utilized to prevent pressure ulcers. In fact, a care plan with input from the family would be ideal to help prevent the bed sores from occurring. It can be safely concluded that if a bedsore forms, nursing home abuse or neglect are taking … [Read more...]

Tip # 11 for Bed Sore Prevention and Treatment

As New Jersey and Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyers, we are continuing this series of tips to prevent bed sores in nursing home patients. Bed bugs can also cause sores on your body, read these bed bug mattress cover reviews, and get you or someone in a nursing home one. We have recently focused on the importance of repositioning, as well as the use of the proper support surfaces. Today’s tip concerns the importance of devices to help protect the bony prominences, such as tailbone, heels, ankles, and knees from bed sores and pressure ulcers. Tip #11 for Bed Sore Prevention Bed sores result from prolonged pressure that prevents proper … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers with Tip #9 for Bedsore Prevention

As nursing home abuse attorneys, we realize that prevention is the best medicine. In continuation of our series of nursing home abuse tips to help prevent bedsores and pressure ulcers, we leave the important areas of nutrition and hydration. In this next tip, we address the most important area to help a patient prevent bedsores and pressure ulcers from occurring or worsening. Tip # 9 for the Prevention of Bedsores and Pressure Ulcers in Nursing Homes Proper shifting and repositioning is paramount in preventing nursing home patients from acquiring life threatening bedsores and pressure ulcers. According to the National Pressure Ulcer … [Read more...]