Birth Injury Lawyers: Why Neonatal Testing Should Be Mandatory

In March of 2008, National Public Radio ran an interview with Elizabeth Weil about her New York Times Magazine story "A Wrongful Birth?." The interview and article surround the story of a family who received substandard , prenatal care from their obstetrician, which ultimately led to birth injuries and defects. Physician Negligence Leads to Substantial Verdict Their son AJ was born with an easily detectable, yet extremely rare condition, which will lessen his life expectancy and leave him mentally and physically challenged throughout his shortened lifetime. The family sued their doctor, who should have made them aware of the condition … [Read more...]

8 Million Children Are Born With A Serious Birth Defect Each Year Says March of Dimes

The March of Dimes website has released the findings of their international research department's study of world wide birth defects. The official report includes staggering statistics, explaining that, "Every year an estimated 8 million children -- about 6 percent of total births worldwide -- are born with a serious birth defect of genetic or partially genetic origin..." While the official numbers appear to be lower in higher income nations, this percentage is unnerving when considered in the context of our health care system. In our nation of freedom, we should be able to not only prevent these birth defects by way of higher quality … [Read more...]