“The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is probing the design of so-called recreational off- highway vehicles after reports of fatal accidents involving the new, unregulated products.” – Alan Ohnsman

The CPSC review, although covering many brands, focuses primarily on the Yamaha Rhino.The Rhino has caught the attention of the CPSC after over 30 fatalities and many more injuries were reported.

The probe spotlights gaps in oversight of the vehicles, which have been produced for about five years.For the past five years, these vehicles have been categorized as All-Terrain Vehicles, or ATV’s.There are several key differences between vehicles such as the Rhino and conventional ATV’s. The Rhino is larger than conventional all-terrain vehicles, it has two side-by-side seats as opposed to a centered seat, and utilizes a steering wheel and protective roll cage.

Despite mounting evidence, The Yamaha Corporation insists that the Rhino is, “…one of the safest, most-reliable vehicles in the category.”Putting profit before customer safety, the Yamaha Corporation is attempting to protect its interests by defining the vehicle as an ATV as opposed to re-designing a safe product.Yamaha also claimed that unsafe use of the vehicles lies at the center of the problem, and that proper use will result in a drastically safer product.

Don’t be fooled.There are inherent design problems in the Rhino which have resulted in serious injuries.The center of gravity on the Rhino is significantly higher than the average ATV, making it prone to tipping.The lack of doors to keep limbs inside the vehicle also contributes to many crippling injuries and possible fatalities.These two factors highlight the danger of driving one of these vehicles through rough terrain.If the Rhino is truly an ATV, why is it so dangerous to drive it in rough terrain?

If you, your family, or anyone you know owns a vehicle such as the Rhino, please inform them immediately of the CSPC study and the potential hazard of driving it.Other vehicles with similar designs include Polaris’s Razor, Honda Motor Co.’s Big Red, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.’s Mule and Arctic Cat Inc.’s Prowler.

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