Are Day Care Centers In New Jersey Safe For Children?

A scathing report issued by the Asbury Press reveals that New Jersey day care centers are among the nation’s worst regarding proper inspections/safety personnel, slow response times and releasing violations to the public.

According to the report, New Jersey has only 27 inspectors to watch over 4,290 public day care centers.  However, this figure does not include the thousands of private day care centers operating within the state.

In addition, the report found that New Jersey inspectors take an average of 7.4 days to respond a complaint that falls just shy of child abuse.  The report further states that 61 New Jersey day cares have over 33 violations each and account for 26% of reported incidents.

Linda K. Smith, Executive Director of the National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, has called on the State of New Jersey to clean up their act regarding child safety.  “If there is going to be an error made, the error needs to be in favor of the safety of the child.  These children cannot speak for themselves,” warns Smith.

When choosing a day care, I would encourage families to personally interview members of the facility, as well as other parents who use the same day care.  Ask the parents how often their child comes home with unexplained cuts, bruises or injuries and how forthcoming the facility is when an accident happens.

Alternatively. if your child has been injured or abused at a New Jersey day care center, you may have legal rights against the facility.  To immediately speak with an NJ personal injury and accident attorney, call (856) 833-0600 or fill out the case evaluation form on the left side of the page for a free consultation.

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