Medical Malpractice Attorneys Take Issue With Physician Opinions on Honesty and Disclosure

Harvard Medical School, along with a number of other Massachusetts health institutions, executed a survey among doctors and medical professionals regarding their honesty with patients. The study and it's findings were published in the medical journal Health Affairs. Unfortunately, medical malpractice attorneys aren't shocked by some of the survey's results. Medical Malpractice Attorneys Concerned with Survey Results The team of med students and medical professionals aimed to discover how honest doctors believe they should be, and in turn actually are, with their patients. The survey was carried out in 2009 and involved almost 1,900 … [Read more...]

Philadelphia Attorney Eric H. Weitz Elected to Philadelphia Bar Association Board of Governors

Media Contact: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Glorious Hightower 215.568.3500 MESSA & ASSOCIATES, P.C. Philadelphia Attorney Eric H. Weitz Elected to Philadelphia Bar Association Board of Governors PHILADELPHIA (January 26, 2012) – Attorney Eric H. Weitz, of Messa & Associates, P.C. has been elected to the Board of Governors for the Philadelphia Bar Association. Mr. Weitz will serve a three-year term on the Board of Governors, working with the Chancellor and fellow Governors to establish official policy for the Philadelphia Bar Association and provide guidance to the overall legal system. Attorney Weitz … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Win $3 Million for Young Girl

The difference between a civil trial and a criminal trial is easy. In a civil trial, the jury must reach a majority opinion based on a "more likely than not" standard, as opposed to the criminal law requirement of a unanimous decision which is beyond a reasonable doubt. Thankfully for young Hannah Tilton, a ten year old girl who is severely disabled, the civil jury system worked out. In a six to three decision, a jury found that midwife, Irene Meyers, had breached the standard of care when she oversaw Hannah's birth which led to dramatic injuries. Medical malpractice attorneys say that following a nine day trial, spanning three weeks, the … [Read more...]

New Health Legislation may not provide Coverage for Everyone

The health legislation concerns still keep going and going. The Democrats have celebrated that the bill created in the Senate Finance Committee would not increase the deficit, but it may not actually provide coverage for every American as previously promised. Yes, the bill will cover the expensive and possibility the sickest patients, but it will pose an insurance risk to other people by making them pay even more in health care coverage. This will lead to people once again not being able to afford coverage and then again having not everyone receiving health insurance coverage. The health care reform was supposed to provide health care … [Read more...]

Chrysler Removes Body from Funeral

A graveside subpoena has kept a New Jersey man from his final resting place, and now members of his family are venting their outrage. Unfortunately, the family of the late Harold St. John is the most recent victim of the corporate legal machine. In a desperate attempt to gain some ground in an ongoing lawsuit, the Chrysler Automobile Company demanded the body of Harold St. John be removed from his funeral service so additional tests could be performed. His remains have unfortunately become part of the legal tug of war surrounding a lawsuit Harold St. John’s exposure to asbestos while working for his father’s auto shop. Harold St. John … [Read more...]

Window blinds and shades recalled after 1 child strangled, another nearly killed

By NATASHA T. METZLER, Associated Press Writer 7:04 AM PST, November 20, 2008 WASHINGTON (AP) _ About 677,300 IKEA and Green Mountain Vista window blinds and shades were recalled in the United States on Thursday after a young child choked to death.The Consumer Product Safety Commission said a 1-year-old girl from Greenwich, Conn., died in April when she got caught in the inner cord of a set of IKEA Roman blinds over her playpen. The agency also received a report of a 2-year-old girl from Bristol, Conn., who nearly died in June on the beaded-chain loop hanging from a set of Green Mountain Vista shades. The girl's neck was … [Read more...]

Parents Beware- Toys With Hazardous Chemical to Remain on Market this Holiday Season

So much for the Holiday Spirit. As you shop for your kid’s holiday presents this season, you risk buying a toy that contains an already banned plastic linked to children’s illnesses.That’s because “a new federal ban on the use of the controversial chemical phthalate in teethers, pacifiers and other children's products won't apply to goods already in warehouses or on store shelves, federal safety regulators said yesterday.” – Annys Shin, The Washington Post Unfortunately the Consumer Product and Safety Commision has decided to allow the makers of child toys and products containing a banned plastic to remain on the shelves.This means that, … [Read more...]

Are your tires expired? The following information may save your life.

Aged tires have been linked to hundreds of vehicle deaths across the country. You may be thinking, “My tires are brand new…this doesn’t apply to me.” Unfortunately, that may not be the case.  Those “brand new” tires may have sat on the shelf for up to 10 years before they were put on your car. However, for each year a tire sits on a shelf, it becomes less elastic and prone to tread separation on the road.  Tire experts claim that any tire over six years of age is expired and should not be sold to consumers. I always recommend these winter tires reviewed by carbibles. They are great. A recent ABC investigative report shows the … [Read more...]

Are Day Care Centers In New Jersey Safe For Children?

A scathing report issued by the Asbury Press reveals that New Jersey day care centers are among the nation’s worst regarding proper inspections/safety personnel, slow response times and releasing violations to the public. According to the report, New Jersey has only 27 inspectors to watch over 4,290 public day care centers.  However, this figure does not include the thousands of private day care centers operating within the state. In addition, the report found that New Jersey inspectors take an average of 7.4 days to respond a complaint that falls just shy of child abuse.  The report further states that 61 New Jersey day cares have over … [Read more...]


While receiving no reports of contamination, Medtronic Inc. is voluntarily recalling some of their disposable devices used during cardiac bypass surgery. Medtronic reports that the devices are coated with its Carmeda BioActive Sulfate--which includes the blood thinner, Heparin, The device is generally used to help prevent blood clots in cardiac bypass patients. Medtronic elected to recall their product in response to an FDA recommendation issued after reports of serious injuries and death in began to surface among patients who received injectable heparin products containing high levels of oversulfated chordroitin sulfate....Click here for … [Read more...]