Bed Sore Lawyers: New Beds to Limit Pressure Ulcers?

A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto has uncovered some startling facts that could lead to a diminished number of pressure ulcer injuries and decreasing healthcare costs. Bed sore lawyers say that an investment in pressure-reduction mattresses should alleviate the stress on the skin of elderly patients in hospitals and nursing home facilities across the country. Although bed sores are often overlooked, they pose a significant danger to elderly individuals.

Inexpensive Solution to an Expensive Healthcare Problem

new jersey philadelphia bed sore lawyers new beds limit pressure ulcersOn average, research has shown that the process to upgrade to pressure-reduction mattresses would cost about 30 cents per patient. This minimal investment would soon pay major dividends in the healthcare world. Professionals project that the reduction in bed sores could save $32 dollars per patient in treatment and care costs. This equation leads to one conclusion, big money will be saved once healthcare costs decrease. Murray Krahn, a principal investigator with the study stated that “pressure ulcers are a huge but under-appreciated problem across multiple settings in our health-care system.” He continued by stating, “though they are not the full solution, pressure-reduction mattresses are an inexpensive and easy way to address the problem.”

Bed sores are a major problem for the nursing home resident population across the nation. It is essential that these patients receive sufficient treatment and medical attention in order to avoid or properly care for bed sores.

Bed Sore Attorneys of New Jersey and Philadelphia

If your loved one has recently suffered from a bed sore, you may want to contact our professionals with questions regarding your legal rights. In cases where you suspect that neglect or mistreatment played a factor in the development of a bed sore, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation. You may also call for a free consultation in New Jersey at (856) 833-0600, or in Philadelphia at (215) 567-2380.

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