Birth Defects Attorneys Discuss Cleft Palate Hearing Issues & Remedies

new jersey philadelphia Birth Defects Attorneys cleft palate issues remedies topamaxBabies that are born with a cleft palate are more likely than other children to frequently suffer from ear infections. The cleft palate contributes to a buildup of fluid in the middle ear, and if this becomes infected, the baby can develop a fever and an earache. Unfortunately this buildup can also cause moderate hearing loss. This hearing loss, if treated properly, need not be permanent. It is recommended that the child have their ears checked yearly so that if fluid is detected, it can be treated with the appropriate medicine or minor surgical procedures. This may seem daunting on top of all of the other responsibilities a parent of a child with a cleft palate birth defect may face, but it is possible that experienced birth defects attorneys may be able to alleviate the financial burden on your family.

Possible Remedies Available to Prevent Hearing Loss

Often, when a baby suffers from a cleft palate and frequent ear infections, a doctor may insert tubes into the baby’s ear. The desired effect of the tubes is to alleviate fluid build-up in the ears and restore hearing for the baby. If left for too long, it is possible that hearing damage will become permanent. You should have your baby see an ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor) as well as an audiologist for more information. It may also be important to consult with a speech language pathologist to remedy any speech issues that may be caused by the temporary hearing loss.

Birth Defects Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

The mental, emotional, and economic stresses of caring for a child with a cleft palate can be overwhelming. In a large portion of the cases, no one is to blame for the development of the cleft palate. However, the FDA has recently announced that the epilepsy and migraine treatment Topamax (Topiramate) has been linked to an increase in the development of cleft lips and palates when taken by women during pregnancy. If you believe that Topamax may have been a cause to your baby’s cleft lip or palate, you have legal options with the Mininno Law Office’s birth defects attorneys.

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