Missouri Man Killed in Fatal Trucking Accident

Forty-four year old Michael Hart of St. Joseph, Missouri, was tragically killed on July 14th, 2010 in a fatal trucking accident involving his van and a tractor trailer.

attorneys new jersey trucking accident fatal michael hart missouriAn article in the Chillicothe-Constitution Tribune (a Missouri newspaper) says that Hart was traveling east on U.S. Highway 36 (just northeast of Kansas City, MO) in his 1989 Chevy van, while Dale O. Hazzard (38) was driving his 1995 Volvo tractor trailer southbound on Spring Hill Road. The police report states that Hazzard pulled out in front of Hart’s van, which hit the rear side of the semi. The vehicles became entangled. The article did not provide information on the injuries Hazzard sustained, or if he sustained any at all. The article also fails to elaborate on why Hazzard pulled out onto the highway without stopping for oncoming traffic. The entrance to 36 from Spring Hill Road is a T intersection, so slowing down would be necessary to safely make the turn.

The article did not go as far as to assign blame to either of the drivers, but if Hazzard did in fact pull his tractor trailer in front of Hart’s van without stopping or even slowing down, it is likely he will be at fault.

Trucking accidents are frightening and very dangerous accidents that occur far too often. As drivers, we must be cautious and wary of the dangers of large trucks. The possibility of an accident is always looming overhead, and truck drivers and passenger car drivers alike need to be alert at all times.
This accident could have been easily avoided, had the truck driver simply stopped and looked. Negligent and careless driving often leads to tragic and fatal trucking accidents. Drivers on the long haul are tired, and the road has the power to hypnotize you once you’ve been going for too long.

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