DePuy Hip Recall Design Flaw Still A Mystery

This DePuy Hip Recall article is one in a series of posts designed to provide DePuy hip implant patients with information regarding the hip implant recall.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers Answer Questions

new jersey philadelphia depuy hip recall attorneys defective design flawsOne of the questions patients have asked is, “What is the defect that is causing these implants to fail?” Not surprisingly, DePuy Orthopaedics is not telling its DePuy hip implant patients anything of substance regarding why these DePuy hip implants are failing and why they have issued this hip recall. But, DePuy won’t be able to keep its secrets for long. Ultimately, because of the lawsuits, DePuy representatives will have to testify, under oath, about the hip recall. Then, DePuy hip implant patients will finally learn the truth.

Also, DePuy hip recall lawyers will hire experts on behalf of the hip recall patients who will get a chance to look at DePuy’s engineering data and specification to determine what is causing the defect that has so dramatically affected so many hip recall patients. Until then, both DePuy hip recall lawyers and hip patients can only speculate about the true nature of the hip implant defect.

What is known is that the pain and symptoms associated with the DePuy hip implant system involve the loosening of the cup, unusual wear and tear in the hip joint, and the shedding of metal debris into the surrounding tissues causing osteolysis. Ultimately, as the litigation progresses, New Jersey and Philadelphia DePuy Hip Recall lawyers will get more information about why this defect occurred and how it will affect the entire 93,000 DePuy hip implant patients.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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