Is There Anyone Out There Testing Prescription Drugs BEFORE They Hurt People?

Drug manufacturer B. Braun Medical Inc. was forced to recall the blood thinning drug Heparin this week after reports surfaced that the Chinese import may be contaminated. This is the second manufacturing company in the past two months to recall the widely used blood thinner. Manufacturer Baxter International temporarily recalled the drug last month after patients complained of severe allergic reactions, including difficulty breathing and extreme drops in blood pressure, which can lead to “life threatening shock’. Four people have also died after the administration of Heparin, although the relationship between the drug and the contaminated vials has yet to be determined.

While Heparin is generally made of pig intestines and animal tissue, the recalled products were found to contain oversulfated chondroitin sulfate, a man made chemical that is not normally found in the drug’s chemistry. I find it also very coincidental that these contaminated drugs were imported from China-the same country that has recently brought us toxic toys and contaminated dog food. What’s more disturbing is that financial reports show that Chinese companies who manufacturer the drug have experienced a 13.7 % sales increase this year alone, thus earning a whopping $57.8 million in the first half of 2007.

With profits such as those mentioned above, I would venture to say that the Chinese manufacturers will not be cleaning up their act any time soon. Unfortunately, this seems to be a growing trend with pharmaceutical giants and drug manufacturers. It’s easier to sell the drug first, make an insane amount of money and then apologize later when people start to die or get sick. It appears that no amount of bad PR or medical malpractice suits will scare these companies into operating any differently. They will simply pay for the damages and create another drug for the doctors to release on the unsuspecting public. After all, our doctors have our best interest at heart when they prescribe these drugs…right? I’m not so convinced.

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