Medical Malpractice Attorneys File Lawsuit for Child’s Death

Medical malpractice attorneys have filed a lawsuit in Nebraska, in the Douglas County District Court, following a case of medical malpractice which led to the death of a two year old. Almariah Izabel Duque was approaching two years of age when her life came to an abrupt end. The young girl was given ten times the recommended dose of heparin as she was undergoing kidney dialysis. We have unfortunately found that this type of tragic occurrence is not uncommon in the medical world today. Family Seeking Damages for Their Little Girl's Death The Duques brought their baby girl to Nebraska for a transplant after she was born with congenital … [Read more...]

Sen. Arlen Spector Sharply Criticizes the FDA

Senator Arlen Spector has sharply criticized the FDA for failing to ask for more funding beyond that which was requested by President Bush in this year's budget.  Apparently, the FDA was hesitant to reveal their true financial needs because of an administrative rule that forbids any public disagreement with the budget.  As a result, the FDA has become ineffective at policing food and drug supplies-- as shown by the recent influx of tainted heparin, dog food, salmonella tomatoes, and lead paint toys. Sadly, after months of public outrage regarding the failures listed above, FDA officials finally began to drop hints concerning their true … [Read more...]

Your Opinions on the Recent Trasylol and Heparin Recalls

I wanted to highlight a comment posted by one of our readers over at My Fox Philly regarding our recent post, "Lessons Learned From Vioxx: Why Trasylol and Heparin Victims Must File Suit To Ensure Honest Marketing and Safer Drug Products. I believe this comment reflects most of the feedback that we have gotten concerning the recent drug recalls and the questionable inspection standards of the FDA. The comment is as follows: "I"m not a fan of trial lawyers, but when it comes to the FDA and drug companies, you go for it! Clindamycin is another dangerous antibiotic drug in which the FDA and drug companies know there are serious and potential … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned From Vioxx: Why Trasylol and Heparin Victims Must File Suit To Ensure Honest Marketing and Safer Drug Products

Byron Richards from has written a very interesting post entitled, "Vioxx Shocker-Merck Wrote Many Of the Published Studies." Needless to say, he had me at hello on this one. After a few weeks of researching the cover-ups and shoddy scientific testing of dangerous drugs such as Heparin and Trasylol, this post solidified in my mind why it is so important for victims of these drugs to come forward and file suit. Richards reports: The lawsuits over Vioxx have forced very uncomfortable documents into public view, exposing that Big Pharma has massively corrupted the scientific database with what amounts to promo pieces … [Read more...]

FDA Finds "Clear Link" Between 81 Deaths and Contaminated Heparin

As reported in the New York Times, federal officials have now identified a "clear link" between contaminated heparin from China and 81 US deaths from severe reactions to the drug. Up until this point, Chinese heparin manufacturers (including Baxter) have openly doubted that a link could be proven connecting these deaths to the contaminant. Baxter even issued a public statement claiming that they did not expect any "material litigation" as a result of the dangerous drug. Similarly, Chinese officials have now joined the drug manufacturers in disputing the validity of this FDA report showing a "clear link" between reported illness and … [Read more...]

Baxter Not Expecting ‘Material Litigation’ After Contaminated Heparin Recall

Pharmaceutical giant Baxter announced today that it does not expect any "material" litigation with regards to the contaminated heparin recalls. Although the FDA has received a ton of complaints about death and serious reactions to the drug, Baxter claims that they only know of four possible injuries to date. They also believe it will be difficult to prove a link between the drug and some of the side effects reported by the general public. I think the report on gives a little more insight as to why Baxter is not overly concerned with this issue. CNN reports that: Despite the high-profile nature of the heparin troubles, the drug is … [Read more...]

Who Is Really To Blame For Contaminated Heparin?

I read an interesting post by a fellow blogger regarding the dangerous Chinese import saga. While I don"t entirely agree with his argument, I think his thoughts are worth re-printing in their entirety: "Ask yourself this question, How important is the health, safety, and well being of my family?" First it is toys from China being recalled because of various safety issues, but more specifically from lead in the paint. Now there is a recall on blood thinner [Heparin] manufactured in China, which is causing deaths in patients. It is obvious in the Chinese quest for money it is willing to put our health and the health of our children at … [Read more...]

Heparin Deaths Jump From 19 to 62 According to FDA

The FDA announced this week that 62 deaths have now been linked to the blood-thinning drug, Heparin. This new estimate is almost triple the 19 fatalities reported last month. The drug, which is generally used in patients with heart problems and those undergoing surgery, is believed to be contaminated with man-made oversulfated chondroitin. This contaminant is said to mimic chondroitin sulfate, which is a naturally occurring substance derived from animal cartilage and used to treat arthritis. While the FDA is still investigating the matter, it appears that the tainted animal cartilage containing oversulfated chondroitin has come from … [Read more...]

Is There Anyone Out There Testing Prescription Drugs BEFORE They Hurt People?

Drug manufacturer B. Braun Medical Inc. was forced to recall the blood thinning drug Heparin this week after reports surfaced that the Chinese import may be contaminated. This is the second manufacturing company in the past two months to recall the widely used blood thinner. Manufacturer Baxter International temporarily recalled the drug last month after patients complained of severe allergic reactions, including difficulty breathing and extreme drops in blood pressure, which can lead to "life threatening shock'. Four people have also died after the administration of Heparin, although the relationship between the drug and the contaminated … [Read more...]