Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Does the Law Do Its Job?

It is widely accepted that across the United States of America, many patients at one point or another are injured due to the carelessness of doctors. One study that has illustrated this point is the highly debated “Harvard Study”. That study concluded that in 1984, 99,000 patients in New York State suffered serious injuries while in hospitals.  Thirteen thousand of  those patients lost their lives. Other studies have had similar results regarding the injury of patients while in hospitals. The main issue that medical malpractice attorneys are confronted with each day is whether the law is doing a good enough job to protect these patients. The law, and medical malpractice litigation, is designed to hold negligent doctors accountable while vindicating doctors who could not have done anything to avoid a bad patient outcome.

The Goals of Malpractice Law

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys law job harvard studyThe main goal is to determine whether the law is truly holding only negligent doctors liable while finding that on occasion, bad results do occur in the medical profession even when good doctors are providing treatment. Lawyers believe that the possibility of legal resolutions and potential lawsuits should result in doctors using safer procedures, better diagnostic tests, and more extensive fact finding before providing treatment. The law should also urge doctors to follow the “customary practice” standard which would discourage doctors from using untried and dangerous treatments as opposed to what is generally acceptable in the field. Finally, it is the hope of patients and medical malpractice attorneys alike that the possibility of a lengthy litigation process will push doctors to adapt and change with the profession rather than sticking with their old ways when new approaches are readily available.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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