Medical Malpractice Attorneys Earn Record Verdict In Connecticut

new jersey philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorneys earn record verdict connecticutA Connecticut jury rendered what medical malpractice attorneys are calling the largest medical negligence verdict in the state’s history. The lawsuit was filed after Daniel D’Attilo was born with cerebral palsy in 2003. The cerebral palsy developed in the baby due to brain damage caused by a delayed delivery. This verdict is a huge victory for families who have had children injured due to medical malpractice.

Daniel D’Attilo, now eight years of age, has extremely serious cerebral palsy. The young child is unable to walk, eat, or speak and he still suffers from seizures. The plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney said, “he is profoundly, profoundly disabled and the parents have gone through hell.” Cathy D’Attilo, the mother of Daniel, experienced a significant drop in amniotic fluid during pregnancy but her doctor elected to wait for days before performing a Caesarian section. The medical malpractice attorneys also believe that even after the necessary operation did happen, the doctors failed to conduct it properly.

Medical Malpractice Award is a Strong Win for Malpractice Victims

The damage award was an astronomical $58 million, surpassing the former record. $8 million has been set aside to cover the expected medical expenses of the young child. Medical malpractice attorneys say that the remainder of the award was designated to cover pain and suffering of the family and the child. Daniel’s joyous mother stated “the dollar amount means he will be taken care of, that’s what this means to us.”

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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