Medical Malpractice Attorneys Explain the Basics of a Trial

A civil trial, including medical malpractice and negligence, are used to settle non-criminal disputes. Generally, patients are seeking compensation for some sort of wrong and they will hire medical malpractice attorneys to bring forth the case. At trial, both parties present evidence in an attempt to demonstrate their case and persuade the trier of fact, a judge or jury, of the strength of their position. In order to find the truth of the matter, the adversarial approach is used in American jurisdictions to settle civil litigation.

Describing the Adversarial Approach

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys explain trial basics
The lawyers and the defense team will present opposing legal arguments and use the facts of the situation to prove their case as they go head to head against one another. The purpose of the adversarial approach is to arrive at a just result. The logic is that the truth is more likely to become evident when each side contests the facts and law, giving the trier of fact the full scope of the dispute. The burden of proof in medical malpractice cases is a preponderance of the evidence. This standard can be described as the debated proposition, “more likely than not.” For example, if medical malpractice attorneys can prove that it is more likely than not that a doctor failed to live up to the standard of care required by the medical profession and this resulted in harm to the plaintiff, the victim has sustained its burden in proving the case.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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