Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Jail Inmate May Proceed with Lawsuit

Daniel Pedersen, a Detroit native, was an inmate at Lenawee County Jail in 2007. Although a settlement has been reached between Mr. Pedersen and the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department, Federal Judge Bernard A. Friedman ordered that a lawsuit may be brought against a private healthcare company, as well as six members of the company’s staff who worked at the jail at the same time. Pedersen’s medical malpractice attorneys argued that the staff members failed to evaluate him properly for seven weeks and “knowingly subjected him to intolerable pain and suffering”.

Man Suffers in Jail without Treatment

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys discuss inmate Lenawee County Jail case
The lawyers for the defense agreed that there may be a medical malpractice claim but there was certainly no deliberate indifference which resulted in cruel and unusual punishment, as the plaintiff argued. However, the judge disagreed and pointed to the expert testimony of Dr. Joe Goldenson which could support the claims made by the medical malpractice attorneys on behalf of the plaintiff. The man suffered from prolonged pain and serious health problems during his time at the facility throughout a two month span. Pedersen was finally sent to a hospital when he could no longer stand, walk, sleep, or use the lavatory. He was in need of emergency surgery when it was discovered that he had an abscess extending from his abdomen all the way through his right thigh. Two surgeries were necessary and he was exposed to a prolonged stay in the hospital.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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  1. I want to make these people pay,thay treat inmates like shit,my pain was so bad,I bet if it was one of there kids thayed do something for them,Ive contacted attorneys that say there to busy,This is serious buisness to me, I want my chance in court and to have someone that cares behind me, That was rediculas, I wouldnt wish what I went throug,I need help, I think This should make national news, I have my celly he knew what I went through

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