Medical Malpractice Attorneys Prevail in New Jersey Negligence Case

Medical Malpractice AttorneysA New Jersey man was awarded $2.8 million in damages last week, following a seven day medical malpractice civil trial. The money damages were awarded for a botched kidney stone removal procedure that led to extreme discomfort, permanent injuries, and additional surgeries. Medical malpractice attorneys say that it is not uncommon that even routine procedures, such as a kidney stone removal, have the potential to lead to serious harm in patients. It is important that patients understand that no surgery comes without risks, but some risks arise from medical negligence and those are unacceptable.

Physician Negligence Results in Long-Term Problems

The plaintiff and his medical malpractice attorneys filed the lawsuit against Steven Orland, the Trenton urologist who handled his procedure. In his lawsuit, the plaintiff pointed out that the procedure resulted in damage to his urethra which was compounded by sub par post-operative treatment.Expert witnesses during trial agreed with the plaintiff, pointing out that the post operative treatment was not acceptable according to standards of medical care.

According to the plaintiff’s attorney, Eric Chizmar, the negligence of Orland led to debilitating scarring, permanent injuries, and numerous surgeries. Said Chizmar,

“My client went in for a simple kidney stone removal surgery. As a result of the negligence of his physician, he has and will suffer mentally and physically for the rest of his life”.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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