Medical Malpractice News: WHO Tackles Surgical Deaths & Complications

The World Health Organization (WHO) has taken a stand this week against unnecessary medical complications that occur in the operating room.  In response to the increasing occurrence of medical mistakes and subsequent medical malpractice suits, the WHO has issued a list of simple safety checks aimed at reducing surgical death and complications.

An example of the recommendations issued by the WHO are as follows:

  1. All members of a surgical team are to identify themselves and state out loud exactly what type of surgery is to be preformed on the patient;
  2. Members of the surgical team should physically mark the site of surgery and incision to avoid operating on the wrong body part or patient;
  3. Administer antibiotics within 60 minutes of making an incision;
  4. Verify drug allergies before prescribing medication;
  5. Insert two intravenous lines for operations with substantial blood loss; and
  6. Count all sponges and needles to ensure surgical instruments are not left in the body.

The full article and complete list of recommendations can be found on the New York Time’s website.

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