RN Charged with Murder in Nursing Home Abuse Case

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Angela Almore, 44, RN charged with murder.
On Monday June, 7th, registered nurse Angela Almore was brought up on nursing home abuse charges involving the death of an alzheimer’s patient at the Britthaven senior care facility in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Almore, 44, was indicted on one count of second degree murder, and six counts of felony patient abuse. She was allegedly administering morphine to patients who were not prescribed the highly controlled substance used for pain management. Nine of the 25 patients in the alzheimers unit at Britthaven tested positive for morphine. Six of the victims were hospitalized, while 84 year old Rachel Holliday died February 16th.

Rachel Holliday and Nursing Home Abuse

No autopsy was performed on Holliday, but the medical examiner that reviewed her records determined “pneumonia related asphyxiation” her cause of death. It also determined that “morphine toxicity” was a contributing factor. It should be noted that military and workplace drug tests consider 2,000 nanograms per 1 milliliter of urine to be a positive test result. Holliday’s tests revealed her levels at 50,000 nanograms per milliliter.

Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall does not believe there will be any other arrests in the case. “At this point, there is nothing to indicate that anyone else was involved,” he said.

Britthaven’s Response to Nursing Home Abuse

The North Carolina Nursing Home Licensure Section will be conducting it’s own investigation to determine if procedural violations may have played a part in the availability of the morphine to be used in events of nursing home abuse. Positive findings could result in penalties and fines for Britthaven, as well as procedure upgrades at their locations in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Virgina.

Britthaven has placed all of the those working at the time of Holliday’s death on paid leave to begin an investigation. A patient’s family member believes that Britthaven is taking positive steps towards improvement.

Do You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing Home Abuse is becoming overwhelmingly prevalent in today’s long term care facility industry. These homes and care centers should be places we can trust with the well being of our elderly loved ones. Instead, they are becoming frightening and dangerous places to live. Rachel Holliday lost her life to crimes of nursing home abuse. The trend has to be haulted. We must do what we can to fight these corporations, and stop them from putting money before care.

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