The Phillie Phanatic is Being Sued for Personal Injury?!

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One of the most beloved mascots in major league baseball, the Phillie Phanatic, finds himself in the middle of a personal injury lawsuit.
Seventy-five year old Grace Cass filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Phillie Phanatic, one of baseball’s oldest and most iconic mascots, for an incident that took place at a minor league baseball game in Reading, PA. Cass claims that the Phanatic stepped on her legs, awakening “dormant arthritis,” and causing the need for 2 knee replacements.

Crass’ suit, seeking $50,000 in damages, names The Philadelphia Phillies, The Reading Phillies, and Tom Burgoyne, the man inside the Phillie Phanatic costume on the day of the incident. Crass’ attorney, John Speicer, says he’s being teased by his friends for taking on the case. “This is like suing Santa Claus,” they’ve said. Like suing Santa Claus indeed!

A study published by the Cardozo Law Review found that the Phillie Phanatic, who has been sued three times, has been sued more than any other mascot affiliated with major league baseball. But the study was quick to acknowledge that this most likely has to due with the mascot’s longevity. He has become a staple in Philadelphia Sports culture, and fans adore him. The study also attributed lawsuits to the fact that the icon’s costume is large and bulky, allowing for awkward hugs and interactions that could easily result in fall or injury.

Bob Jarvis, the author of the study done by the Cardozo Law Review, defends the loveable mascot, saying that “the Phanatic is a classic character” who is “part of the game of baseball.” The outcome of this court action may determine whether or not the Phanatic remains a staple of the Phillies Organization.

Whether or not Cass’ arthritis and knee replacements were really caused by the Phanatics antics is unclear. Hopefully, a swift litigation process will determine if the Phanatic is really at fault for Cass’ injuries.

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