depuy hip implant recall new jersey philadelphia attorneys osteolysisIn the United States, hip replacement surgery is one of the most common orthopaedic surgeries that occurs each year. In fact, since 1997, there have been approximately 300,000 hip replacement surgeries performed in the United States. Without question, the development of prosthetic hip joint replacements, and the development of cement or “glue” to securely place these implant parts into the human skeleton, has been one of the most major advancements in orthopaedic surgery during the last several decades.

Notwithstanding the numbers, as was detailed on our articles about hip implants, hip replacement surgery is not a cure for hip pain and should only be considered after all other medical treatments have failed. The failure of any manufacturer’s hip implant is something that is inevitable and something all potential hip implant patients should consider.

Why are Hip Implant Failures Almost Always Inevitable?

One of the major reasons for hip implant failure is because of the loosening of the bond (i.e., the cement or glue) which holds hip implant prosthetics to the bone. The loosening of this bond between the hip implant parts and the bone causes an increase in pain and reduces the range of motion for the patient.
In addition, because of the “imperfect fit,” natural friction is increased, as is the wearing down of areas in and around the hip implant. While this wear occurs in all hip implants, DePuy ASR hip implants have been recalled because medical research has shown that the recalled DePuy hip implant has an increased wear rate caused by the friction between the chromium and cobalt metals used in the ASR implant system. The combination of the loosening of the bond between the implant parts and the increased friction wear in the DePuy hip implant patient has been theorized to be the main cause of it’s premature wear and tear.

Finally, the byproduct of the chromium and cobalt friction in the replacment has been shown to result in a greater immune response to the release of these metal particles in the blood system. The immune system response not only attacks the foreign metallic matter in the blood stream, but also attacks the surrounding hip and femur bone, as well as other connective structures. This attack further damages the bond between the DePuy hip implants and the bone. This process, called osteolysis, is one of the most common causes of the accelerated failure of any DePuy hip implant.

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