DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers – How Much Do They Cost?

We are frequently asked by clients how much will it cost to hire a Depuy hip recall attorney to represent them in a lawsuit for the defective hip recall. After all, if defective hip replacement patients make the claim against DePuy themselves, they won’t have to pay attorney’s fees.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers Work on a Contingency-Fee Basis

In these tough times, we know that many Depuy hip replacement patients do not have the resources to pay a lawyer to represent them in their fight to seek fair compensation for a defective hip manufactured by Depuy. new jersey philadelphia depuy hip recall lawyers how much cost contingencyFortunately, the Mininno Law Office and its New Jersey and Philadelphia Depuy hip recall lawyers work on a “contingency-fee basis,” which allows you to get the best legal representation available without having to pay up front. Contingency means service now, pay later.

In addition, clients working on a contingency basis do not pay legal fees unless and until they win. Most lawyers receive between 33 and 40 percent of the gross recovery of a lawsuit. These lawyers will advance the costs of medical experts to prove your case. However, if a DePuy hip recall lawyer is unsuccessful in bringing your Depuy hip implant lawsuit, you do not have to pay any fee, or pay back any costs. In other words, as a New Jersey and Philadelphia hip recall lawyer, I work for free unless or until I am successful in your hip recall claim.

These contingency fee arrangements for our Depuy recall clients allow them to get the best hip recall legal representation without having to incur additional costs and expenses up front. As New Jersey or Philadelphia Depuy hip recall lawyers, we know it’s important that clients save their resources for medical bills, co pays and the out of pocket costs that Depuy is not agreeing to pay for up front (DePuy Distributes ‘Helpful’ Handout for Defective Implant Claims).

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

If you have a Depuy hip implant claim, please contact a Depuy hip recall lawyer who is knowledgeable about your rights when it comes to seeking fair compensation from a defective Depuy hip replacement. The DePuy hip recall lawyers at the Mininno Law Office are experienced and skilled in earning full and fair compensation for victims of defective products. Contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation, or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

Let the Mininno Law Office team earn you the compensation you deserve.

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