Nursing Home Outbreak of Hepatitis B Kills 5

new jersey philadelphia nursing home abuse attorneys negligence outbreak hepatitis mount oliveAn extreme case of nursing home abuse and negligence ends in five deaths in Mount Olive, North Carolina.
The Glencare Assisted Living Facility is under fire after an alarming spread of Hepatitis B within the facility (Hepatitis B is a blood born disease typically transmitted by exchange of blood or bodily fluids). Eight residents of the facility contracted the disease and, so far, five have died.

Currently, it seems that the disease was spread by the re-use of a diabetes pen used to check patient blood-sugar levels. This information comes from a Health Department representative who alerted Glencare’s owner that one or more of his staff was reusing the needles. His staff denied the allegations and began pointing fingers elsewhere.
Glencare Vice President, Ann Kornegay, released the following statement:

These patients live here and they enjoy the same social entertainment that you do out there in the community. They have sex. They have the right. They can go down to the store where often times drug dealers are and they can get illegal drugs. They can get alcohol. We don’t allow alcohol to be consumed on our property.

Investigation continues, and the health department has initiated a corrective plan that Glencare will be forced to employ.

New Jersey and Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Many nursing home deaths arise from the spread of infection or disease. Nursing homes should be employing nearly full-proof programs to prevent the spread of infection. In this case, the outbreak was allegedly caused by an infraction of one of the most basic rules of disease prevention: Don’t reuse needles. Five people have lost their lives to this horrid negligence.

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