California Nursing Home Abuse Case Reaches New Settlement

New Jersey Philadelphia nursing home abuse negligence attorneys Skilled Healthcare Group SettlementOn September 1, 2010, we posted a blog about a $677 million dollar nursing home abuse verdict against Skilled Healthcare Group, Inc.
The verdict came after a number of nursing homes owned by Skilled Healthcare were shown to be understaffed, causing abusive and negligent events within the long term care facilities they operated.

Last week, attorneys agreed to a settlement of $50 million for all plaintiffs involved in the case. Though the final amount is significantly smaller than what the jury awarded, it is a good sign to plaintiffs that they will actuallty receive their money.
It is highly unlikely that Skilled Healthcare Group, Inc. would have been able to pay out the enormous original sum.

Juries are becoming more and more sensitive to cases of nursing home abuse. Verdicts in recent abuse cases throughout the country have been quite large, which says something for how people feel about the way our elderly sick are being treated.
Nursing home care seems to be taking a severe downward plunge, and unless these facilities start to pay for their mistakes, change will not come.

Nursing Home Abuse in NJ and PA: Mininno Law Office

The nursing home abuse attorneys at the Mininno Law Office are dedicated to fighting for those wronged by abusive and negligent treatment in the nation’s nursing homes.
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4 thoughts on “California Nursing Home Abuse Case Reaches New Settlement”

  1. I have boxes of evidence the CEO of Sun Healthcare is corrupt. I’m asking Sun to compensate my brother and I for what they cheated us out of, wrongful death of our mother and her 9 months of pain & suffering before she died from their faults. Will they do the right thing? If not I will pursue criminal charges against the CEO -I have the proof.

    The CEO of Sun Healthcare apologized for harm done to my mother in Oct 2003 when employees used a known broken b/p monitor for days and she didn’t receive the medication she needed and had a stroke that rendered her unable to swallow the final nine months of her life. 3 yrs later in mediation he threatened me through a corrupt attorney that I wasn’t getting his Bentley and would be harmed if I pursued my case to a jury trial like this Skilled Healthcare became. He’d have not only lost his job but the company would have been sunk. I sued that corrupt attorney who lied to me about the law and he died 2 weeks later, I won that case against his estate in 2008. Calvert vs Leipold in Orange County Superior Court California.

    The operators of these nursing homes are ruthless clowns who understaff to make a profit. They have no regard for human life. If you complain while your family is residing there they make sure they suffer.

    Read my experience on my blog site at

    Deb Calvert, Newport Beach, California

  2. How sad. Unfortunately, this is the kind of thing that happens all the time. And you are absolutely right. Wall Street tycoons are buying up nursing homes and cutting staff numbers to spike stock prices. It is a truly depraved business practice. If these crimes are not punished monetarily, I don’tt see how these practices will change. I wish you luck with your legal proceedings and I hope that you and your brother are fairly compensated for you losses.

  3. So, if I read you right, everyone is “corrupt”? Your story is heavily biased and I am not persuaded from it.

  4. Hi Jim – I apprediate your comment. I would not say that Deb is biased. She clearly feels very strongly about what happened to her mother and apparently had lots of evidence to support her claim. From my experience, her story is not atypical but in many cases is the norm. Thanks again for following and for your comments.

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