Physical violence and abuse towards the elderly and other vulnerable populations is unfortunately prevalent in our society. As nursing home abuse lawyers , we come across horrible cases of abuse and neglect almost daily. It is important that facility administrators continue to monitor all employees no matter their past performance and that family members pay close attention to their loved ones when they visit.

Woman Pleaded No Contest to Charges of Elder Abuse

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Shawna Hardesty, a former nursing assistant, has been accused of intentionally abusing a patient in the nursing home where she used to work. She is being charged with repeatedly punching a 93 year old woman in the forehead, resulting in a baseball sized bruise. According to the complaint, Hardesty had hit the elderly woman on several occasions and, on August 2, 2010, she punched her three times on the forehead, causing a headache and a large bruise. The elderly woman told authorities, “Every time she (Hardesty) comes in this room, I get a biff,” displaying a closed fist.

Hardesty entered into a two year deferred prosecution agreement where she pleaded no contest to the charges but will maintain innocence. She must undergo anger management and counseling, complete 40 hours of community service during the first year and she is not allowed to work or volunteer as a caregiver. She may care for relatives and children. Her employment at the nursing home has been terminated after working at the care center for about a year.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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