Philadelphia Man Sentenced for Callous Run-Down

Joseph Genovese, 20, of South Philadelphia.

On May 6th, 2010, Twenty year old Joseph Genoveseof South Philadelphia was sentenced to 7-14 years in prison for callously running down 2 women after a Phillies game on July 10th, 2008. The game was over and the two women, both from St. Louis, were crossing the street at Broad and Curtin on their way to have dinner. Genovese was stopped at a red light three cars back. Genovese, under the influence of marijuana, swerved around the two stopped cars in front of him and sped through the red light, striking down 53 year old Cindy Grassi, and 36 year old Sandra Wacker.

Grassi was killed and Wacker was permanently disabled. The women were both P.E. teachers at an elementary school in St. Louis, and became friendly after discovering their shared loved for the St. Louis Cardinals. The two would follow the Cards to one away game a year. They had made it all the way out to San Francisco before seeing them play at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

Grassi’s death and Wacker’s permanent disability are awful tragedies, especially to their families. Yes Genovese will serve jail time, but this doesn’t ease the blow of losing a loved one. Nor does it ease the hardships Cindy Grassi’s family will now have to face without her. In Grassi’s case, a Philadelphia Wrongful Death Attorney could work to recover damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of past and future income, and loss of consortium.
Wacker’s permanent disability will also create hardships for the people that depend on and love her. In this case, a Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney could recover damages for disability, impairment and loss of enjoyment, past and future medical expenses, and life expectancy.

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