Elder Abuse Lawyers: Update on Woman Who Escaped Abusive Caretakers

A few months ago our elder abuse lawyers wrote a blog on an Arizona woman who escaped from her abusive caretakers. Ruthann Jacox, a 64-year-old woman who suffered from multiple sclerosis and has been bedridden for two years, was under the care of Lea Marie Hughes and her boyfriend Gilbert Pierre Peralta Jr. When a visitor came to the home Jacox asked them to take a picture of her back, which was covered in bedsores down to the bone, when she saw this she begged to be taken to the hospital. The police began to investigate the situation and discovered that Hughes limited Jacox’s liquid to one and a half quarts and only fed her between 700 and … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Survival and Wrongful Death Actions

In the past, under the common law, if either the plaintiff or defendant of a tort claim died, the action would be ended. This is because one of the parties, who either deserved compensation or who was liable, would no longer be around. A simple example would be if a patient was injured by a doctor due to medical negligence, the action would end if either party passed away. Also, historically there was no right to recovery for survivors of a patient who was negligently killed by a doctor’s medical malpractice (and the patient’s family could not recovery pecuniary losses or for the loss of companionship). Today, every state has altered these … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Fight for Parents of Stillborn Babies

Stillbirths are perhaps the worst tragedy to befall expectant parents. Not only do they have to endure the pain associated with the death of a child, but a mother will have to endure the entire delivery process, only to hold the body of her lifeless baby in the end. Often, stillbirths occur naturally, through no fault of doctor or patient. However, other on other occasions, medical negligence is to blame. It is for these cases that medical malpractice lawyers believe parents are due compensation. $1 Million Awarded for Pain and Suffering In 2004, New York’s highest court ruled that women can sue for emotional suffering if their … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Neglect of Transport Van Driver Leads to Death

As nursing home neglect lawyers, we often see cases where the care of the resident is being compromised through understaffing, lack of training, or abusive treatment. These events of neglect can happen at any point throughout the resident's stay. Sometimes, these events happen outside of the facility. Many nursing homes and long-term care facilities have transportation vans that take residents to appointments or pick up patients that do not live at the facility all of the time. This can be a very dangerous situation for many of the elderly or disabled residents if the driver and facility staff do not take the proper precautions. Elderly … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Leads to Two Lawsuits for West Virginia Facility

Accidents do happen, especially when it comes to the elderly and disabled. Unfortunately, more often than not, accidents in nursing homes and long term care facilities are a result of nursing home abuse from the staff or administrators. These accidents and cases of abuse and neglect are also usually not isolated incidents. If one resident is being abused, then there are probably others. Teays Valley Center, a Putnam County, West Virginia nursing home, was named as a defendant in two wrongful-death lawsuits filed in Putnam County Circuit Court on June 23, 2011. Teays Valley Center Named Defendant in Two Wrongful Death Suits In one of the … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Neglect of Medications Leads to Patient Death

By the time the elderly are placed in nursing homes or long term care facilities, they are in fragile health and need to be carefully monitored. They are vulnerable and the slightest change in diet or medication can have fatal consequences. Medication is incredibly important to keeping the health of the elderly strong and the staff of these facilities needs to make sure that each patient is receiving all of the medication that is being prescribed to them by their doctor. When nursing homes fail to provide residents with the medication their doctors prescribe them, they are guilty of Nursing home neglect. Resident Dies After Missing 26 … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Neglect Leads to Fatal Fall

Falls are one of the most common injuries that occur in nursing homes and long term care facilities, but they are also very preventable. The Augustana Health Care Center in Hastings, Minnesota is being cited for nursing home neglect after a man fell from his wheelchair in March and was not properly cared for after the fall. The state is saying that the facility did not appropriately monitor the man who had suffered a head injury. Man Dies From Large Hematoma After Fall From Wheelchair According to a report issued by the Minnesota Department of Health Facility Complaints Office, the man fell from his wheelchair on March 8th and suffered … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Neglect Causes Fatal Accident with Oxygen Tube

As the elderly population grows, so too do the occurrences of nursing home neglect. Unfortunately, government budget cuts are on the rise as well. This causes nursing home staff to be spread too thin and because of this, mistakes are often made. Unfortunately, small oversights can lead to serious injury or even death. Nursing homes and long term care facilities need to be more aware of small changes to procedures that can save their residents' lives. Elderly Man Dies After Oxygen Tube gets Wrapped Around His Neck An 82-year-old man from Illinois died this month at Heartland Healthcare nursing home. According to the police report, Irvin … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Neglect Causes Man to Bleed to Death

Nursing home neglect are becoming more of a problem in this country as facilities are increasingly understaffed and underfunded. It is important for the staff of these homes to be on top of every patient because quick responses can be the difference between life and death. Alton Stovall, a 50-year-old man who was living in Edgemoor Hospital, a county run nursing home in Santee, California, died on May 30, 2010 from a bleed after falling from his bed. After falling, Stovall bled for 30 minutes, as other patients pressed their emergency call buttons to get the attention of the nurses. His call button had been tied to the wall, out of his … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Neglect Leads to Resident Choking to Death

When the elderly reach the point where they need to be admitted to a nursing home or long term care facility, they are in fragile condition and need to be watched over very carefully by the caregivers of these facilities. It is very important that nursing homes are ready for the multiple life threatening emergencies that can occur with the elderly. Nursing home neglect can be prevented if the facility is prepared. Nurse Allegedly Left Choking Resident Alone for 20 Minutes The Johnson Mathers Nursing Home in Carlisle, Kentucky received a Type A citation from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services' Office of Inspector General on May 10 … [Read more...]