Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Doctor Performs Wrong Site Operation

An Oregon doctor performed a routine operation on the incorrect eye of four year Jesse Matlock. The young child went in for the surgery on his right eye in an attempt to keep it from wandering, but unfortunately, the doctor “lost sense of direction” and began performing surgery on his left eye. Medical malpractice attorneys view this as an inexcusable and avoidable mistake with serious consequences. This negligence has put a young child in a far worse situation than he was in before he entered the operating room.

Negligence Leads to Increased Troubles for Young Child

New Jersey Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorneys doctor perform wrong site operationThe surgeon who performed the surgery, Dr. Shawn Goodman, said she “didn’t realize I had operated on the wrong eye until I was done operating on the eye”. The child’s mother reports that since the operation, there has been no improvement in the right eye and the left eye, which was unnecessarily operated on, now appears to be wandering also. The doctor did send out a nurse to inform the parents that they would be operating on both of the child’s eyes, but she provided no explanation and did not ask for the parent’s consent before she soon vanished.

Medical malpractice attorneys believe that wrong site operations are so preventable that they are totally intolerable. Medical malpractice attorneys do admit, however, that this type of mistake occurs far more frequently than should ever be the case, calling in to question the diligence and professionalism of some surgeons who make these sorts of mistakes. Having surgery performed on a wrong site, a part of the body that by all accounts is otherwise healthy, will undoubtedly put a patient at risk for further and unnecessary injury and pain.

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Jury Awards Nearly $800,000 in Medical Negligence Suit

Today, October 23, 2006, a Camden County jury found in favor of The Family of Mr. Robert Boylan in a medical malpractice suit. The defendants were B. Dawson, Shoemaker, M.D., Joseph Szgalsky, M.D.and Megan Vermeulen, M.D. The jury found both Dr. Shoemaker and Dr. Szgalsky responsible. The jury awarded nearly $800,000 in damages. The trial lasted three weeks before The Honorable Ronald J. Freeman. The jury deliberated 2 1/2 days. Attorney for the family of Robert Boylan was John R. Mininno, Esquire of the Mininno Law Office.

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