Defective Products: Plaintiffs Win Class Action Drywall Lawsuit

A tentative settlement was reached earlier this month in a defective products lawsuit involving Florida homeowners and the supplier of Chinese drywall. The settlement amount is a reported $54.5 million dollars, which is to be used to repair Florida homes. It is estimated that between two and three thousand homes have been infiltrated by this defective drywall. The defective products lawsuit was brought after it was discovered that the drywall contained dangerous toxins that were corroding pipes and electrical wiring and giving off foul odors which led to headaches and breathing problems.

Over a Million Sheets of Drywall Sold in Florida

new jersey philadelphia defective products attorneys banner supply Class Action Drywall LawsuitA Miami company, Banner Supply, sold 1.4 million sheets of the defective drywall to various builders throughout the state of Florida. Homeowners will now be compensated due to the corrosive material that was used in their homes. This problem, with Chinese drywall, began to grow in the time after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the southern coast. Chinese drywall was imported into the States in large numbers as the call to rebuild homes grew louder.

Following the discovery of the defective nature of the drywall, countless lawsuits were filed against various distributors, manufacturers, and installers, including Banner Supply. Banner Supply believes that they were lied to about the overall quality of the drywall when they purchased the defective products from Knauf Group, a German distributor. Although Banner and their insurers were forced to pay out for this large settlement, it is foreseeable that they will seek damages from the actual manufacturers and distributors that previously handled these defective products. It is not quite clear who is truly at fault for the defective drywall, it could be the Chinese manufacturer, the German distributor, or the American supplier. In any event, it is a great win for Florida plaintiffs who suffered from the defective drywall. This settlement should allow many homeowners to replace the Chinese drywall in an effort to make their homes a safer place.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Verdict of 19.2 Million Awarded in Florida

In Lee County, Florida, medical malpractice attorneys won a $19.2 million verdict in a medical malpractice suit regarding now 3.5 year-old Kiarra Smith.

Medical Malpractice at HealthPark Medical Center

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers florida kiarra smithKiarra Smith was born 3 months pre-mature and weighed only one and half pounds. Life began as a struggle for the tiny infant. Fifteen days after her birth, Kiarra was given an extreme dosage of nutrients, over 100 times her prescribed dose. The error led to cardiac arrest and other severe complications, including blindness.

Kiarra is permanently injured as a result of the overdose, and will spend the rest of her life in need of constant care. The Lee Memorial Health System commented on the the tragedy, saying:

“We acknowledge that a serious error occurred. Medical experts who reviewed the matter at our request believe that the child’s condition is a result of complications related to her extreme prematurity because she was born three months early and weighed one-and-a-half pounds.”

A Lee County circuit court awarded the Smith family $19.2 million in damages, but due to current malpractice reform caps in Florida, as well as sovereign immunity, the award could be diminished to only $200,000.

Hopefully, Kiarra and her family will receive their due compensation and justice will ultimately be done. Kiarra’s life will surely be one involving special and expensive medical treatment; treatment that $200,000 is never going to cover.

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