Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Fight Scheme

Did you know that nursing home abuse can be lucrative? Insurance companies do! The economy is struggling. You and I, our families and friends, even big companies are struggling to stay alive in a toxic economic climate. The difference is, these insurance companies have corporate shareholders to keep at bay. Their answer? Cash in on nursing home residents' insurance policies of course! Nursing home abuse against scheme to make death profit Remember when Ebenezer Scrooge died and his house cleaner sold his stuff to cash in? Well, insurance companies and nursing homes are now scheming to do the same to residents. It involves encouraging … [Read more...]

Should Parents Decide Whether Their Infant Is Screened For Treatable Diseases? ran a story last week about a Nebraskan couple who did not want any health screenings for their newborn. The couple was appealing mandatory testing laws that exist in every state, claiming that it was a violation of their freedom of religion. The couple practices Scientology. The mandatory health screening consists of nothing more than drawing blood from the baby's foot and then testing it for rare health diseases that can be cured. Some of these diseases can lead to brain damage and even early death. The parent intentions are honorable. They claim that their religous practices prohibit such testing. However, the religous … [Read more...]