Bed Sore Attorneys – CA Lawsuit Shows Typical Medical Center Conduct

Bed Sore AttorneysThe family of Esperanza Garcia has recently filed a complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court following her death in October, 2010. Garcia’s daughter, Irene, is seeking general and special money damages as compensation for her mother’s pain and suffering, as well as costs and fees associated with the litigation. The complaint alleges that the Los Angeles Medical Center was reckless in their treatment and care of the ill woman. Esperanza was extremely ill when she entered the medical facility but she did not suffer from any bed sores or pressure ulcers at the time she entered the center. The bed sore attorneys said that once the bed sores began developing on the 64 year old woman, the personnel at the center did not report the severity of the ulcers or properly treat them.

Death Resulted Only One Day Following Removal From the Facility

The medical center should have been on notice that the elderly woman was at significant risk to develop bed sores because of the likelihood of skin breakdown. The center failed to follow any means of prevention in order to limit the possibility of bed sores. Not only did Garcia’s open wounds go untreated, she was also forced to continue to lie on them. Even worse, the woman was left uncared for in her own excrement for extended periods of time as the sores intensified. The bed sore attorneys found that rather than show the proper medical records, center officials deliberately covered up the documented pressure sores and attempted to re characterize them as merely a skin rash. Following this neglect, the family removed Garcia from the medical center but her condition had worsened beyond treatment and she passed away only a day later. Bed sore attorneys believe that this type of neglect and failure to understand the seriousness of bed sores is more prevalent than most would believe.

Bed Sore Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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Bed Sore Lawyers Know The Causes of Pressure Sores

Pressure which prevents adequate blood from reaching the skin and the tissues beneath may cause bedsores. There are many factors that may lead to pressure sores and people should be on the look out in order to prevent problems before they become serious. Bed sore lawyers believe that three primary factors contribute to bedsores:

  • Sustained pressure
  • Friction
  • Shear

Sustained Pressure, Friction, and Shear are the 3 Primary Contributors to Bedsores

new jersey philadelphia lawyers Bedsore causes pressure soresSustained pressure occurs when the skin and tissue are compacted between the bone and an outer surface. Surfaces such as beds and wheel chairs are the most common. The pressure may over power the blood, flowing through the capillaries, preventing oxygen and nutrients from reaching the skin tissues. Bedsore attorneys believe that regions of the body that are not protected by fat or muscle tend to be at the greatest risk of bedsores caused by sustained pressure.

Friction generally occurs when the skin makes contact with an outside surface through different movements. People changing positions or being moved by care providers may experience friction causing the skin to resist the particular movement. Through friction, skin will become more fragile and susceptible to further injury.

The action of two surfaces moving in opposite directions is known as shear. Shear will cause tissue and blood vessel damage. This type of damage could leave people vulnerable to bedsores. A common example of shear is when a person slides downward in a hospital bed. The tailbone will move downward while the skin over the bone remains in place. This sensation of pulling in opposite directions could leave people vulnerable to bedsores.

Bed Sore Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

If your loved one has acquired a bed sore while in a nursing home, or has had negligent treatment of a bed sore or pressure ulcer, immediately seek further medical attention. Our professionals are dedicated to holding nursing homes responsible. Please contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, and (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

Bedsore Attorneys Inform of Common Sites of Bed Sore Development

Pressure sores, more commonly known as bedsores, are injuries to the skin and its underlying tissue. These sores arise due to persistent pressure on the skin for an extended period of time. Bedsores are most likely to develop on skin that is covering certain boney areas of the body (i.e. ankles or tailbone). Bedsore lawyers know that individuals who are confined to a bed or use a wheelchair run a higher risk of suffering from pressure sores.

Beds and Wheelchairs could lead to Increased Risks

new jersey philadelphia Bedsore lawyers common sites pressure sores developmentWheelchairs are a necessary means of mobility for many people worldwide. Although wheelchairs allow individuals to move freely from place to place, the extended period of time in the same position could lead to pressure ulcers. Those who rely on wheelchairs need to be weary of this potential. People who frequently use wheelchairs often suffer from pressure sores in a few sites in particular. The tailbone or buttocks, the shoulder blades and spine, and the backs of the legs and arms are common sites for bedsores to form. These areas of the body rest against the wheelchair for a prolonged period of time, creating a wound which slowly evolves through the bedsore stages.

People who are confined to a bed for extended periods of time are also at an increased risk of pressure sores. The back and sides of the head are a major concern of many bedsore attorneys because it can lead to significant pain and prove difficult to treat. Furthermore, the rim of the ears, shoulder blades, hips, tailbone, heels, ankles, and behind the knees are also susceptible to bedsores, due to the prolonged pressure and contact with the bed.

Bedsore Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

If your loved one has acquired bedsores while in a nursing home, or has had negligent treatment of a bed sore or pressure ulcer, immediately seek further medical attention. Our bedsore attorneys are dedicated to holding nursing homes responsible. Contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, and (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

House Introduces Malpractice Reform Bill

On Monday, Republicans introduced medical malpractice reform legislation into the House that, if passed, would greatly limit the rights of patients who have suffered injuries at the hands of negligent medical providers. The bill, sponsored by Republican Phil Gingrey (R-GA), an OB/GYN, Republican David Scott (D-GA), and Judiciary Committee Chairman, Republican Lamar Smith (R-TX), aims to place extensive limits on how and when victims of medical negligence can file claims. It also aims to apply one-size-fits-all caps on recoveries.


new jersey medical malpractice lawyers republican phil gingrey
Republican Phil Gingrey (R-GA)
The bill was introduced as the Help-Efficient, Lowcost, Accessible, Timely Health Care Act, or HEALTH Act. Supporters of the proposed legislation claim that reform of the medical liability system is necessary to lower healthcare costs. But the Congressional Budget Office has estimated that such reform could only save, at most, .5% of all healthcare costs. Furthermore, the bill does nothing to support an American people that loses up to 100,000 lives a year to medical negligence. With caps on liability, the bill serves as a government hand-out to physicians, insurance companies, nursing homes, and even pharmaceutical companies, that act with negligence and greed, and harm patients and consumers.

Limiting liability and removing many patients’ rights to a jury trial will only further the country’s current medical negligence problem that continues to worsen. What motivation is there to provide better care when accountability lessens? If healthcare reform is the question, sacrificing patients’ rights is not the answer.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

Medical malpractice lawyers everywhere are fighting the passage of medical liability reform legislation. Patients are injured everyday due to the practice of negligent and careless medicine, and many need compensation to carry out the rest of their lives.

If you or a loved one have suffered at the hands of a negligent medical provider, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation. You may also call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

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Nursing Homes: A Cure For Incontinence?

Electronic Underpants could bring an end to incontince related complications in nursing homes.

We at the Mininno Law Firm are advocates for health and safety in nursing homes. We applaud any and all uses of technology that could improve the quality of life for patients in nursing homes and convalescent centers. Anything these facilities can employ that will help prevent bedsores, patient falls, and prolonged pain or discomfort , is something this firm stands behind. That is why we post this blog about a new technology that could potentially end patient complications due to incontinence.

The product, developed in Australia and focused on incontinence management, could change the way elderly citizens are cared for. Simavita, a “company established to develop solutions that improve quality of life across the global spectrum,” has been developing the product for the last ten years. Simavita’s “SIMsystem” is a new continence aid that will revolutionize the way caretakers handle patient continence. SIMsystem, or Smart Incontinence Management System, will work towards four separate goals:

1. To limit the time patients spend in soiled undergarments.
2. To limit the time caregivers spend on incontinence management.
3. To use the data collected by the SIMsystem to schedule bathroom visits to eventually prevent events on incontinence.
4. To limit costs for facilities on incontinence consumables.

How Does it Work?

The product is, in laymen’s terms, a pair of electronic underpants. Under a disposable pad lies a sensor strip that measures frequency and level of incontinence. Ultimately, the use of the sensor strip is imperative to prevention of incontinent events. The entire system works as a 4 step process through the SIMserver.

1. An incontinent event is read by the SIMbox.
2. The event is recorded on the computer at the time that it occurs.
3. The caregiver is notified over the facilities paging system, or via SMS text message to a mobile phone or pager.
4. The caregiver tends to the patient implementing required procedure, and the intervention is recorded via the SIMbox.

The Chief Executive of Simavita, Phillipa Lewis, says:

Incontinence Management is a key area in which innovative technologies can benefit aged care. We developed SIMsystem to provide greater comfort and dignity to the elderly while aiming to significantly lower costs for aged care facilities.

When asked about the safety of the product, Lewis called the product “completely safe,” using very low power as well as the accepted form of wireless technology for body worn products. Some naysayers have commented on the ethics of the new invention, claiming that the tracking portion of the system is an invasion of privacy that may work to diminish dignity, rather than the opposite.
In the end, however, it seems that removing patients from incontinence pads and gaining them some form of freedom does much more to build dignity than the tracking does to take it away.

Incontinence is a very time consuming aspect of a nurse or caregivers job. It’s often necessary to for caretakers to check for incontinence upwards of ten times a day. The SIMsystem will potentially cut the time spent on incontinence management in half, freeing up time to pay attention to other dire needs of patients.
With this new technology, currently being used only in care facilities in Australia, the quality of life for elderly patients in nursing homes and convalescent centers will gradually and greatly improve.It’s not really clear how long it will be before the SIMsystem is being used world wide, but hopefully, it will be soon. Far too many of our elderly citizens are being victimized by their own incontinence, and by nursing home attendants not providing the proper care and attention.

Has Your Loved One Been Victimized by Nursing Home Abuse?

If you or a loved one have suffered from this kind of negligence at a nursing home or care facility, you need help. A New Jersey trial attorney will help you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us to fill out a free case evaluation form, or call us at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia for a free consultation.

Help keep elders safe with simple acts of kindness that will brighten their day

Together, we can help keep elders safe. If we each chip in and do our part, we can make life better for senior citizens. After all, one small, good deed can change a person’s day. In light of the recent weather, I thought of an easy way we can help.

How can I help keep elders safe?

This winter, a record snowfall has hit the greater Philadelphia region. Some sidewalks are still unshoveled, roads are slushy and driveways are icy. If you see elderly people trying to cross the street, help them out. They’ll surely be grateful you offered.

The slippery slush can be dangerous for anyone walking around, but older people may not have the balance or physical strength that you do. Older people are more susceptible to injury. Put simply, the human body becomes more fragile with age. A slip and fall may not harm you or me, but an older person might wind up in the hospital. More on this tomorrow.

It’s important to help keep elders safe because abuse and neglect are both still problems in our society today. Older people need our guidance more often than not. Unfortunately, even nursing homes aren’t as safe as they could be, and if you have a loved one in a home, there are a number of signs you should be looking for to make sure your relative is safe and sound.

Meanwhile, more snow is coming, so keep elders safe by lending a hand where you can. The snow will soon melt and turn to ice, which will be even more dangerous. Watch out for icicles falling from rooftops. Be careful out there.

Do you have questions or answers about nursing homes?

Add a comment to our blog about how you keep elders safe. At the Mininno Law Office, you can talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer to answer your questions about your loved one. We have experienced NJ attorneys who handle these cases all too often. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have or offer any help you need. Call (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey or (215) 567-2380 in Pennsylvania.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Fight Scheme

Did you know that nursing home abuse can be lucrative? Insurance companies do! The economy is struggling. You and I, our families and friends, even big companies are struggling to stay alive in a toxic economic climate. The difference is, these insurance companies have corporate shareholders to keep at bay. Their answer? Cash in on nursing home residents’ insurance policies of course!

Nursing home abuse against scheme to make death profit

nursing home abuse attorneys new jersey philadelphia Fight Scheme
Greedy Scrooge McDuck in the 1983 Disney animated feature

Remember when Ebenezer Scrooge died and his house cleaner sold his stuff to cash in? Well, insurance companies and nursing homes are now scheming to do the same to residents. It involves encouraging patients in long term care and assisted institutions to sell their policies for a discounted cash amount. The patients get a pittance of a return – which they can spend at the home for “care.” In exchange, the nursing homes and the insurance carriers get the insurance policies from the patients. These policies are then packaged and sold to Wall Street as future bonds. When the patient dies, Wall Street or the care facilities gets the payout. Talk about a conflict of interest! The longer the patient lives, the greater the cost to the nursing home and the smaller the profit on the policy. Conversly, if the patient dies just after the purchase, the care center reaps the profits.

Nursing home abuse and the “profits over people”

We believe that these institutions should be in the business of caring for our elderly loved ones, not stealing from them. They should not be in the business of leveraging a patient’s health and life as a commodity to be traded on the market. Such practices are depraved. But, this nursing home business IS big business, and as is often the case, “profits over people” is business as usual. Every day, we read about how nursing home abuse and negligence take the place of adequate and compassionate care, only to make an easier and quicker profit. People and their medical care should come first. We understand this and are ready to help you.

Nursing home abuse lawyers in NJ and PA

If you feel that your rights are being violated or that a loved one has not received proper care or may be a victim of nursing home abuse, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation. The nursing home abuse lawyers at the Mininno Law Office will make sure that your loved ones’ voices are heard and their rights protected. You may also call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

Make sure that care is put before profits and advocate for these rights. Let the Mininno Law Office team earn you the compensation you deserve.

Full NY Times article, Wall Street Pursues Profit in Bundles of Life Insurance

Are Nursing Homes the Safest Places for our Loved Ones?

Putting a loved one in a nursing home is the toughest decision a family can ever make.  We research on line, ask friends, nurses and visit the facility to make sure we are making the best decision.  We would like to believe that when we spend time picking out a nursing home for our relative or loved one to go stay and live in for the rest of their lives that they are going to be well taken care of and looked after by properly trained and staffed nursing homes. We also would like to believe that they will receive the proper attention and medical care whenever such care and attention is needed.  Unfortunately, many Nursing Homes put profits over patients.  No matter where you live, nursing home and elderly abuse are a real problem in any state including New Jersey.  It is important to understand the reasons for elderly abuse and nursing home abuse before we can begin to solve the problem. The following is list of some possible reasons for this type of abuse:

·         Not enough staff

 This may be due to not being able to pay people enough for the amount of work they do, or people left and went elsewhere to be closer to relatives, or the market for this type of work may be bad in some areas over other areas.


·         Under qualified employees

Reasons for this might be that the employees never went through school for proper training, never received proper on the job training or attended training classes.


·         Overworked employees

If there are not enough staff as mentioned before, the employees a nursing home does have may be working longer hours and may be tired, or even feeling ill when they come to work. This leads to employees not paying enough attention which can lead to abuse.


·         Stress and Frustration

If an employee is stressed or frustrated on how to help a certain patient, this may lead to improper care and abuse. Training classes should be provided for these situations.

Some common signs of elderly abuse may include:

·         Unexplained injuries or bruises

·         Not receiving the proper doges of medications

·         Cuts or welts

·         poor nutrition and dehydration

·         Unsanitary conditions

·        Infections

·        Sudden death 

  •  Bed sores and pressure ulcers 


Sadly, these problems occur every day in even the nicest nursing homes and living facilities. There are different types of abuse. These can be physical, emotional, neglect, abandonment, emotional, or even financial. By putting profits over patient care, nursing home make millions for their investors while providing inadequate care.

The number of people suffering from elder abuse was 2.5 million in 1991, according to some studies from the National Center on Elder Abuse and this number will keep rising unless people become more aware of the problem and how to fix it.


If you or someone you love, you believe may have be a victim of this type of abuse, please call: (856) 833-0600 or contact a nursing home attorney for help today. 


Do not be afraid to speak up and get the help you need for your loved ones; they deserve the best care possible and may be depending on you to help them fight for their rights.


For more information on nursing home abuse and what can be done visit:


Got to the New Jersey Nursing Home Directory for a list of deficieny reports on 361 Nursing Homes in New Jersey.


Another great resource is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services web site which lists Health Care tools and research.



What Every Citizen Should Know About the Nursing Home Industry: A background

Deciding whether to put a loved one into a nursing home is the one of the most difficult decisions we must all face. In today’s fast paced society, however, it has become increasingly difficult to care for the elderly at home. Even more daunting, is choosing the right nursing home. Indeed, making a decision on a facility is difficult; with more and more nursing homes going up every year, the number of available options seems endless, even in some of the more remote sections of the country. Although on the surface many nursing homes may appear to be the same, there are dramatic differences between nursing homes, and unfortunately, many shortcomings. In order to have a better understanding of how nursing homes can be so dramatically different in quality of care, and to help you choose which nursing home might be best for your loved ones, you should first have a basic understanding of how nursing homes function in the United States.

First and foremost, it is important to constantly be aware that more than 80% of nursing homes in the Unites States are for-profit, publicly traded, corporations. This is in direct contrast to hospitals in the Unites States, which 87% of are non-profit operations. So how does this affect you and your family? Simple. In any publicly traded corporation, the final goal will always be profit. The Profits must come first. This is not just common practice, it is written into law. By law a publically traded corporations the most important, if not the only, obligation is to increase the profits of their shareholders. This set up has helped drive industrial and technological advancements at a staggering pace. However when it is applied to the practice of nursing homes and long term care, a problem arises.

By nature, medicine and long term care are extremely expensive. The cost to run hospitals and long term care, and nursing homes can reach staggering figures. In fact, it is estimated that at least $180 billion is spent on critical care alone in the United States each year. Although cost cutting is always a simple and desirable way to boost profits in any corporation, the nature of health care and long-term care simply does not allow for it. When dealing with the lives of human beings, there are large and unavoidable costs connected to providing their patients with the care they need to stay healthy with an acceptable quality of life. Unfortunately, this does not stop these corporate nursing homes from doing whatever they can to minimize their spending.

This cost cutting rears its ugly head in many forms in corporate nursing homes. Most apparent however, is the effect it has on the staff. Many for-profit nursing homes are dramatically under staffed, many of whom do not have the proper training to manage their positions in the first place. Lack of training, oversight, and personnel immediately translates into health risks to the patient. This includes, but is not limited to: bed sores, falls, under and over medicating, mixing up patients’ medications, unacceptable poor hygiene, physical abuse by staff, and lack of response to emergency situations. Incidents such as this are a daily occurrence. Fortunately however, you have the power to choose where to place your loved ones, and when the worst happens, you have the legal power to do whatever you can to rectify the situation.

When the worst happens to a loved one in a nursing home, contact an attorney immediately. The status quo of dramatic cost cutting in the nursing home industry will not change until it is no longer profitable to continue cutting costs and quality of care. By bringing a suit against a nursing home or long term care facility, you are demanding they change their way of business by punishing them financially for their neglect. By contacting an attorney who specializes in nursing homes, you are doing your part to make sure what terrible things happened to your loved ones do not happen to someone else.

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