Medical Malpractice Attorneys Recognize Loss of Life’s Pleasures

In a recent trend, some courts across the United States of America have begun recognizing “hedonic damages.” Hedonic damages refer to a plaintiff’s loss of the ability to engage in activities that he or she enjoys. Traditionally, there could be no award and recovery for the loss of life’s pleasures but in some states, this trend is coming to an end. As of 2006, the supreme courts of Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Carolina, Washington, and Wyoming have all allowed medical malpractice attorneys to make separate claims for these types of damages.

The Importance of Doing What You Love

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys hedonic damages loss life pleasuresLawyers believe that hedonic damages should be recognized in all states because the victims of some incidents of medical malpractice will no longer be able to engage in these behaviors. Imagine the case of an avid swimmer who, because of medical malpractice, could no longer kick her feet. Another example would be the golfer who, because of medical negligence, experienced stiffness in his arms and could no longer swing his clubs.

Medical malpractice has a broad range of effects on victims and courts should not be slow to recognize that the loss of ability to engage in activities could be some of the most tragic losses to the patients. Many people see medical malpractice as a single incident and believe that a patient should be compensated only for the doctor’s negligence. This near-sighted approach fails to recognize that because a doctor did not live up to the standard of care, the patient’s entire life is now altered, potentially forever.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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