Nursing Home Neglect Leads to Medication Error After Staffing Cuts

nursing home neglect in NJ and PABishops Corner Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation in West Hartford, Connecticut is facing a $710 fine for failing to properly administer antibiotic medications that were prescribed by a doctor to a severely demented patient who was experiencing wheezing accompanied by a cough. According to the facility’s nursing director, the medication was “not available in the medication cart and the nurses failed to check with their supervisor.” In another incident of nursing home neglect, two nurses’ aides improperly used a mechanical Hoyer lift to move a patient and the resident slid out of the sling, fell on the floor, and bumped the back of his head, suffering a hemorrhage. After the incident, the staff was retrained on how to properly use the lift.

Parent Company Starts Large Round of Layoffs

These two incidents occurred after a large round of layoffs for the facility. In the beginning of August, Bishops Corner Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation’s parent company, Omega Healthcare Investors, laid off 81 employees from their several nursing home facilities in Connecticut. This was the first round of 575 employees that are to lose their jobs. With the bad economy, layoffs are inevitable, but facility administrators need to make sure that care does not suffer as a result. It is clear that this nursing home neglect could have been prevented if the staff was trained properly and had not been spread so thin.

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Nursing Home Negligence Earns Stepdaughter Large Verdict

nursing home abuse and negligence new jersey attorney
Nursing Home Abuse claimed the life of a 93 year old man, after a horrid accident involving a bed lift.
In 2005, John Donahue was a patient at the Embassy House nursing home, owned by Kindred Nursing Care, in Brockton, Massachusetts. It was there that a negligent nursing home staff member caused an accident that would claim Donahue’s life. The caregiver was using a machine called a Hoyer Lift to lift Donahue from his bed. The machine was to be operated by two people, but this caregiver acted alone. A metal safety hook attached to the lift gouged Donahue’s left eye. The eye was removed, but Donahue died 46 days later, at 93 years of age. His official cause of death was sepsis, which occurs when the immune system overreacts to an infection.

Donahue’s stepdaughter, Marlene Owens, has been fighting for years to hold Embassy House and Kindred Nursing Care accountable for her stepfather’s death. Two weeks ago, a jury awarded Owens $400,000 , agreeing that Donahue’s death was caused by nursing home abuse and negligence at the Embassy House nursing home.
Owens was lucky to have recovered any monies at all, as Donahue signed an arbitration agreement two years prior to his death saying that he could not sue the facility should he die or be injured while a resident. A Massachusetts judge invalidated this arbitration agreement, which allowed litigation to proceed.

Kindred owns over 40 nursing homes in the state of Massachusetts. Embassy House is no longer one of them.

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