Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Thrilled by American Nursing Homes Making Moves to Change Care

new jersey nursing home abuse attorneys, philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyersOur nations’ nursing homes are in dire need of help. Every day, nursing home abuse attorneys of Messa & Associates, P.C. are contacted by individuals regarding some form of abuse or negligence that a loved one endured in a nursing home. The importance of patient care seems to have dissipated and its priority replaced by money and business related needs.

However, it seems there is has been a push for betterment in the nursing home industry. Advancing Excellence, NH Quality Campaign – a campaign created to encourage, assist, and empower nursing homes to improve the quality of life, prevent bed sores and pressure ulcers, and care for residents – is prepared to change the nursing homes of America.

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Support goals of Advancing Excellence Campaign

The coalition, which is the first of its kind, is made up of long term care providers, medical professionals, consumers, employees, and state and federal agencies. It has 8 major goals:

  • To minimize staff turnover; a stable workforce will improve patient care.
  • To employ a “Constant Assignment” plan so that patients are regularly cared for by the same caregiver.
  • To reduce the time residents spend restrained. Independence will improve quality of life.
  • To prevent bed sores and pressure ulcers, and to provide appropriate treatment of those that do develop.
  • To prevent unnecessary or prolonged episodes of severe pain.
  • To include residents in advanced care planning prior to the completion of their stay
  • To use assessments of resident and family experience of care to improve future quality of care for patient safety.
  • To use assessment of staff satisfaction of work environment to improve future quality of care.

Many nursing home establishments have joined forces with Advancing Excellence in efforts to improve the quality of care they provide. Obviously, these establishments are aware and agree that they are not providing top notch care. It’s good news to those who have suffered from nursing abuse, neglect, and inadequacy.

All nursing homes in New Jersey are in fact either participants in or charter members of the Advancing Excellence campaign. We should be proud that caregivers in the state are willing to step up and begin providing the kind of care our elderly citizens deserve.

New Jersey and Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

If you are someone who has seen first-hand the effects of nursing home abuse, negligence, and inadequacy, it’s time to contact a nursing home abuse attorney. The team at Messa & Associates is dedicated to earning justice and compensation for those injured or worse by negligence and abuse in nursing homes and long term care facilities.

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Nursing Home Abuse Prevention: Good Communication is Key

new jersey philadelphia nursing home abuse attorneys good communication negligence injuryI have spoken with hundreds of families to discuss whether they can sue for nursing home abuse. Bad, negligent, and abusive care at a nursing home can lead to a number of injuries, including – preventable falls and fractures, bedsores, medication errors, unfulfilled doctor’s orders, and sexual and physical assaults by staff and other residents.
The biggest complaint I hear from these families is that the nursing home does not properly communicate with them or their loved one’s physician. This is troubling for many reasons:

  1. Families expect good communication, and often operate under the assumption that no communication from the staff means no issues for their loved one.
  2. A nursing home resident’s primary care physician is usually limited to one visit to the nursing home per month. Your loved one’s doctor counts on the trained, professional staff at a nursing homes to be their eyes and ears, promptly identifying and communicating potential issues before they get worse.
  3. Nursing homes complain about the cost of many different preventative measures – but good communication does not cost them any extra money.
  4. Nursing homes are required to communicate with family members and physicians by state law.
  5. Good communication between the resident’s good care circle – the nursing home staff / the resident’s family / and the resident’s physician – is the simplest way to prevent the worst nursing home injuries abuse.

New Jersey State law REQUIRES:
(c) The facility shall notify any family promptly of an emergency affecting the health or safety of a resident.
(d) The facility shall notify the attending physician or advanced practice nurse promptly of significant changes in the resident’s medical condition.
[N.J.A.C. 8:39-13.1.]

Why don’t nursing homes always follow this law?

That is a question for which I never seem to get a straight answer whenever I depose a nursing home employee in a nursing home abuse case. I think the answer can be as simple as: they forget, they are lazy, or they are overworked. It could also be as complicated as: they are trying to hide the problem and fix it before anyone knows.
A good nursing home will demand timely communications between their staff and the resident’s families and physicians, and will recognize that communication is a cornerstone of providing good care and preventing nursing home abuse. A bad nursing home will not be vigilant about communication, and will often shock families and physicians when they tell them for the first time about dangerous problems that have clearly been going on for some time.

How do we know / how do we prevent this?

A resident’s primary care physician often responds to news of the resident’s medical problems with something like, “Why didn’t the staff at the nursing home tell me about my patient’s problems sooner?” A resident or their family member often learns about a bedsore by asking the staff, “What is that foul smell?” You will never hear these questions being asked to a nursing home that takes their duty of communication seriously.

Here are some tips to help prevent nursing home abuse injuries to your loved one when they are the resident of a nursing home:

  • Ask the staff a lot of questions about what could go wrong and how they prevent it.
  • Ask to be present for all care plan meetings with the Administrator.
  • Inspect your loved one’s skin for blemishes, bruising, broken skin, puss, and oozing.
  • Ask the staff to remove bandages so you can see what they are “covering up” (literally and figuratively).
  • Do not visit your loved one at the nursing home at the same time everyday.
  • Quickly go up the chain of command to nursing supervisors, the Director of Nursing, and the Nursing Home Administrator if your concerns are not being adequately addressed.
  • Put your concerns in writing to the Administrator.
  • Take photographs of anything that looks suspicious, especially problems with your loved one’s skin.

Despite the promises made by the nursing home when your loved one is admitted, you cannot think of a nursing home as a safe haven where your loved one is safe and protected. The better course of action is to think of the nursing home as a babysitter. You can leave your loved one alone at the nursing home – you just need to visit often, ask questions, and inspect your loved one and their surroundings.

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Chamber of Commerce Attacking Legal System through Radio Ads

In this country, we all have the right to hold another person or party, or even corporation responsible for their acts of negligence, malpractice and other cases of harm. Recently, the Chamber of Commerce has entered the radio advertisement arena in an attempt to protect its high standing members from these lawsuits and claims of negligence. They claim that this is to protect people from meaningless lawsuits, but these ad campaigns are supported by the same people that the Chamber of Commerce is trying to protect, including oil, tobacco, and insurance companies. It seems to like the Chamber of Commerce does not really care about proper care and practices for individuals and Americans, it seems like they care more about protecting their highest paying and loyal supporters. Once again money is put before rights and in this country people have fought for those rights and they deserve the chance to exercise them when the situation calls for it. People’s rights and needs should come first before money, but once again, this is not the case. If people listen to the ads of the Chamber of Commerce than people will not be able to sue for neglect or abuse of a loved one in a nursing home, or a injury due to a product defect or the injuries that can error due to improper label of products. If the members of the Chamber of Commerce were injured due to malpractice they would want to have the right to sue, so other people deserve this right as well.

For additional information on the Chamber of Commerce radio campaigns, you may visit:


If you or a loved one feels you have been injured due to medical negligence, please contact a malpractice attorney right away. They will help you get your voice heard and your rights protected.

Is Your Computer Chair Really Safe?

Each day millions of people sit down on their computer chair to check their email, have conversations with people and even to do business. We also let our children sit at the computer to play computer games, learn or do homework. We all assume that our trusty computer chair in our home is safe; we never consider that to could possibly injury or harm us.  This assumption is wrong.  Each day, millions of products are recalled because they are unsafe and may cause injury. One of these recent product recalls was on the OfficeMax Office Chairs which was found to cause serious injuries to user because it was a fall hazard.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission the chairs were recalled on September 1, 2009 because the back and base were defective and could break during routine use causing a serious personal injury.  The OfficeMax Company has received thirty-six reports of these chairs bases or backs breaking while in use, resulting in fifteen reported personal injuries including lacerations, muscle strains, contusions, and concussions.

The specific office chairs being recalled are the OfficeMax Task Chairs with the model number OM182 and OM96614. The chairs are also charcoal in color and have plastic arms and a plastic and metal base.

If you have one of these office chairs, you should stop using it right away and go to an OfficeMax location for a full refund or a gift card.

If you have been injured or hurt by a defective product like this office chairs or know someone that may have been, you should contact a defective products lawyer right away. They can help you fight for your consumer product safety rights and be your advocate to make sure your rights are protected the way they should be.

For additional information regarding Consumer Safety Product Recalls you may go to the U.S. Product Safety Commission  located here:  and for additional information concerning this specific product recall you may visit: