The 10 Worst Nursing Homes in the Tri-County Area: #4

Nursing Home Abuse is having a serious effect on our confidence in nursing homes and the care they provide.
Lakewood of Voorhees (Camden)

Our fourth place facility in the list of the ten worst nursing homes in the tri-county area is the Lakewood of Voorhees nursing home. Lakewood is a for profit corporation participating in Medicare and Medicaid, and holding 240 certified beds. Inspectors have found the facility to be guilty of nursing home negligence and nursing home abuse, and to be failing on a large number of counts to provide high quality, professional, and attentive care. Lakewood has a number of severe deficiencies involving their drug administering procedures, as their medicinal errors rate was above well above 5%.  Aside from  not letting able-bodied and mentally capable residents administer their own prescriptions, they distributed the wrong dosages of the wrong drugs to the wrong patients on numerous occasions, and failed to deal with the subsequent effects accordingly. They also failed to have a licensed pharmacist regularly check the drugs the residents were taking.

Also among their shortcomings were their failure to keep common areas free of accident hazards, their failure to provide clean, sanitary, safe, and comfortable environments for residents, and their failure to keep a sanitary place to store and prepare food. Their housekeeping and maintenance procedures were lacking, and all of the hallways did not have firmly secured handrails on both sides.

Nursing Home Abuse: Quality measures inspections found the facility to have lower than National and New Jersey percentage averages when it came to the number of patients that received flu shots and pneumococcal vaccinations. They were found to have higher than National and/or New Jersey percentage averages in all of the following categories:

  • Long and short stay residents with moderate to severe pain
  • High risk long stay residents who develop pressure sores
  • Low risk long stay residents who develop pressure sores
  • Long stay residents who were physically restrained
  • Low risk long stay residents who lose control of their bowels or bladders
  • Long stay residents who spend most of their time in a bed or chair
  • Long stay residents who had urinary tract infections
  • Short stay residents who develop pressure sores

Nursing Home Abuse: The mere fact that long and short stay residents are developing bedsores is a sure sign of a negligent and abusive staff. Perhaps it has to do with their lack of procedure, or perhaps it is that the staff is overworked and underpaid. Whatever the reason, it does not excuse the poor treatment and low quality care that Lakewood of Voorhees is providing to our elderly loved ones. Nursing home abuse is negatively affecting senior citizens and their families all over, and we must work together to make change.

Nursing Home Abuse and The Mininno Law Office

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Note: Conclusions in this blog about nursing home abuse were formed from data provided by the State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and Medicare .