The 10 Worst Nursing Homes in the Tri-County Area: #7

Victims of nursing home abuse must speak up!

Lutheran Care (Burlington)

Lutheran Care, located in Moorestown, NJ, is our #7 of the ten worst nursing homes in the tri-county area. It is a not for profit, church related organization that accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and contains 201 certified beds. Inspections found a number of issues with their drug administering procedures, issues that were definitely their biggest discretions.
Lutheran Care failed to have licensed pharmacists check the residents’ drugs monthly. They had a higher than average rate of medicinal errors, including administering the wrong drugs, or the wrong dosages. They also kept inaccurate medical records. These drug related issues surely stem from their failure to review resident drug regimens, and their failure to act upon the consequent irregularities in residents that followed.

Nursing home Abuse: In their Quality Measures inspections, inspections that can pinpoint how and where nursing home abuse occurs, Lutheran Care was found to have higher than New Jersey and/or National percentage averages in all of the following areas:

• Long stay residents who were physically restrained
• Long stay residents who lose control of their bowels or bladder
• Long stay residents who have catheters inserted and left in their bladders
• Long stay residents who spend most of their time in a bed or chair
• Long stay residents with urinary tract infections
• Short stay residents who develop pressure sores

Nursing Home Abuse: Other discrepancies included a number of accidents that occurred due to lack of supervision, poor fire safety procedures, and locations in the facility that were unsanitary, uncomfortable, or dysfunctional. It seems that at Lutheran Care, the dignity and respect of each individual resident is not top priority.
This kind of nursing home abuse can not be tolerated. Our senior citizens deserve patient, attentive, and proper care. Long term facility negligence is an epidemic, and must be cured.

What to Do If You Feel Victimized By Nursing Home Abuse

If you or a loved one have suffered due to nursing home negligence or nursing home abuse, you’ll need representation.
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Note: Conclusions in this blog were formed from data provided by the State of New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services and Medicare.