Medical Malpractice Attorneys Support POCT Patient Safety Initiatives

Point-of-care testing is medical testing that produces results near the patient as opposed to in a lab. The benefits to point-of-care testing are almost infinite as necessary treatment can be expedited almost immediately through the use of rapidly returning test results. But with such beneficial and life-saving technology comes a great responsibility to protect patient safety and avoid medical errors. Medical malpractice attorneys support any and all initiatives aimed at protecting patients from POCT related negligence.

Medical Journal Calls Medical Providers to Task of Patient Safety

medical malpractice attorneys in nj and paPoint-Of-Care: The Journal of Near-Patient Testing & Technology released a special issue last month highlighting the need for increased vigilance to medical errors related to POCT. The issue contains editorials, research studies, and case reports that provide an overview of the policies in place for other medical providers which assist in assuring patient safety.

James H. Nichols, PhD, Professor of pathology at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston and medical director of clinical chemistry for Baystate Health in Springfield, Mass, provided the issues introduction. In it he states:

“While the theme is patient safety, each article is different and the authors were not constrained to one format or question, but free to express their concerns and perceptions around the theme of patient safety and medical errors.”

The issue also features information on some of the most recent technological advances in POCT, including built in quality-controls and security measures which, in themselves, can help prevent errors. Presently, very few formal rules or guidelines exist when it comes to point-of-care-testing, but new standards are continuously being developed and the FDA is in the process of solidifying their own guidelines by performing assessments of POCT devices. Patient safety and identification, operator training, timely results, and system alerts were just a few of the topics mentioned in the journal regarding necessary focuses of error prevention.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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