Products Liability at McDonald’s

We've all heard about Liebeck v. McDonald's, more commonly known as the "McDonald's Coffee Case" of 1994. It was a products liability case that became, as ABC News called it, the "poster child of excessive lawsuits." It's easy, without knowing the facts of the case, to scoff at someone who would sue for being burnt by hot coffee. Coffee is coffee, it's supposed to be hot! But, is it supposed to be hot enough to cause third degree burns? Stella Liebeck was 79 when she was in the passenger seat of her Ford Probe, as her grandson drove her through the drive thru of a Mcdonald's Fast Food Restaurant in New Mexico. He pulled the car over so … [Read more...]


“In a government crash-test video, the infant car seat flies off its base, smashing the baby dummy – still strapped into the carrier – upside down and face-first into the back of the driver’s seat.” (Patricia Callahan, Chicago Tribune). A deep look into the data of several tests carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission (NHTSA) has revealed an industry-wide problem regarding the testing of safety for child car seats. In a crash test study by the NHTSA, a total of 31 child safety seats flew off their bases or exceeded injury limits in a series of frontal crashes. These results however, were never released to the public. … [Read more...]

Mininno Law Office: In The News

The following is a letter from John Mininno the Courier Post (South Jersey), published on May 24, 2008: Re: "White House moves to make it harder to sue businesses" (C-P May 13). Thanks to the Courier-Post for highlighting the Bush administration's latest "war" -- this one against people who have been injured by defective products. As reported, big business, pharmaceutical giants and insurance lobbyists have spent their considerable resources lobbying the White House to use federal agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to implement rules making it virtually impossible for victims to be compensated when injured, killed … [Read more...]

John Mininno Featured in South Jersey Magazine’s 2008 Awesome Attorneys

On behalf of the legal staff at Mininno Law Office, we are excited to report that John Mininno, Esq. will be featured in the 2008 edition of South Jersey Magazine's Awesome Attorneys! To all of our friends and family, please show your appreciation for all of John's hard work and dedicated service by voting for him in the areas of medical malpractice, personal injury and products liablity. Click here to vote for John Mininno as South Jersey's 2008 Awesome Attorney! … [Read more...]