Birth Defects Attorneys: Timetable to Follow Up With Doctors After Surgery

After a cleft lip/cleft palate surgery, it is important to listen to your doctor’s guidelines and follow up based on the doctor’s instructions. Just like you regularly would check in with your birth defects attorneys, it is very important to check up with the medical team at the appropriate intervals. Your child is likely going to be in some pain after the surgery, and he or she needs to be given the appropriate time to heal before follow-up work is done. As always, follow your doctor’s instructions for the safest and most optimal recovery. Follow Up Visits Once your child is discharged, there are typically two follow up dates that are … [Read more...]

Birth Defects Attorneys: The Danger of Topamax

Topamax (Topiramate) is a drug produced by two divisions of Johnson & Johnson that is prescribed for two conditions; epilepsy and migraines. For both conditions, the drug is used preventatively. It can not relieve seizures or migraines already happening, but, taken on a regular basis, can help to prevent them from occurring. Off-label uses of the drug, for which Johnson & Johnson and Ortho-McNeil Neurologics were sued and found accountable, include bipolar disorder, alcoholism, obesity, infantile spasms, myoclonic seizures, and absence seizures. Professionals realize that because of the wide disbursement of the medication, many … [Read more...]

Birth Defects Attorneys Communicate Cleft Palate Resources

We have been discussing cleft lip and palates in a variety of different topics on this blog, including surgery and medical care. However, it is important to know that there are other resources around the world (and web) that can be beneficial to helping your child overcome his cleft lip/palate birth defect. Our attorneys care about you and your family’s well-being and wish to provide a link to scholarship opportunities for students attending college. The Cleft Palate Foundation’s College Scholarship Our birth defects attorneys believe that the Cleft Palate Foundation is an invaluable resource of knowledge for families with members who … [Read more...]

Birth Defects Attorneys Discuss Non-Surgical Speech Options

The idea of having a surgery to correct a cleft palate or cleft lip has been discussed in a previous blog post and, in many cases, it is the correct decision for your child’s health. However, in cases where surgery may not be the best option due to health concerns or fears that the surgery will not be successful, there are other non-surgical treatment options. Our birth defects attorneys would like to highlight some effective, nonsurgical treatment options specifically targeted to help your child develop better speech. Speech Bulbs and Palatal Lifts Once your child starts to grow, your doctor may want to discuss appliances that can be … [Read more...]

Birth Defects Attorneys Discuss Velopharyngeal Dysfunction

After your child has a palate repair surgery, most people would think that they are out of the woods and nothing else will have to be done. Unfortunately, approximately 15-25% of children born with a cleft palate will develop Velopharyngeal dysfunction (VPD). Our birth defects attorneys think that parents should be informed about the possibilities that may affect their child, and be able to react in a well-informed manner. What is Velopharyngeal dysfunction? Velopharyngeal dysfunction occurs when the open space between the back wall of the throat and the soft palate cannot be properly closed during speech. Unfortunately, this results in … [Read more...]

Birth Defects Attorneys Give Anti-Bullying Advice

Your child has a cleft lip and is about to start school and you are nervous that he or she may be the victim of a school bully. Our caring birth defects attorneys want to help you get ready for this. It is in any parent’s nature to want to nurture their child for as long as possible and shield them from the cruel outside world. Now that your child is school aged, this is less and less an option and you should be focusing and preparing your child for school and the social interactions that comes with it. As we all know from our school experiences, children can be cruel (although we are not suggesting that all children are). It is not to say … [Read more...]

Birth Defects Attorneys Discuss Cleft Lip Dental Options

Unfortunately, when a child is afflicted with a birth defect like a cleft palate or cleft lip, there are other physical manifestations of the birth defect that must be dealt with. One of the major physical issues confronting children with cleft lip/palates is that they may need serious dental attention. The cleft usually occurs between the cuspid (eye tooth) and the lateral incisor. Possible dental issues include: a missing lateral incisor, two lateral incisors on both sides of the cleft, poorly formed teeth (with misshapen crowns and/or roots), and displaced teeth. We want you to be informed about the potential issues related to your child’s … [Read more...]

Birth Defects Attorneys Discuss Insurance “Gate Keeping”

As experienced birth defects attorneys, the Mininno Law Office has significant experience dealing with insurance companies. To you, it seems simple: your child has a medical issue (like a cleft palate), you have valid insurance for which you've paid your premium, and your child should receive medical care. As you may have unfortunately found out by now, it is not always this simple. A seemingly unwritten tool in many insurance companies’ belt is “gate keeping.” Ultimately, even if your claim has merit, the insurance company denies and delays treatment in the hopes that you become frustrated and go away. This is done in many ways, including … [Read more...]

Birth Defects Attorneys Provide Questions for Your Surgeon

Surgery can be a scary proposition, especially if performed on your child. However, there are certain questions that can ground your expectations of surgery, and help glean information regarding the qualifications of your surgeon. The caring and experienced birth defects attorneys of the Mininno Law Office would like to offer a list of basic questions that you can ask your surgeon in the event that you are uncertain about the procedure and have not yet made a decision to have your child undergo it. While surgery is no small matter, it is important to realize that this step is greatly beneficial for your child and his or her overall well … [Read more...]

Birth Defects Attorneys Discuss Cleft Palate Surgery Steps

If your child was born with a cleft lip or palate, you most likely have considered the option of surgery to correct the birth defect. However, many people talk about surgery but do not know what it actually entails. The caring and experienced birth defects attorneys of the Mininno Law Office believe that knowledge of a procedure is essential to an informed decision. There are three essential steps to a cleft palate surgery; Anesthesia, Incision, and Closing Incision. Elaborating on the Three Essential Steps of Cleft Lip/Palate Surgery First, your child is given anesthesia for his or her comfort during the surgery. There are … [Read more...]