Your Opinions on the Recent Trasylol and Heparin Recalls

I wanted to highlight a comment posted by one of our readers over at My Fox Philly regarding our recent post, “Lessons Learned From Vioxx: Why Trasylol and Heparin Victims Must File Suit To Ensure Honest Marketing and Safer Drug Products. I believe this comment reflects most of the feedback that we have gotten concerning the recent drug recalls and the questionable inspection standards of the FDA. The comment is as follows:

“I”m not a fan of trial lawyers, but when it comes to the FDA and drug companies, you go for it! Clindamycin is another dangerous antibiotic drug in which the FDA and drug companies know there are serious and potential side effects, yet they will do nothing about it. And those who have suffered are often no longer in any condition to be able to sue or to afford to sue. It”s pretty odd that nurses would all know as common knowledge the risks of prescribing this drug and see the potential results first-hand. But the FDA, doctors, drug companies and pharmacies are in denial. And the side affects are most often not reversible. Same with Lipitor. Many have no problem. But those that do find that once they experience side effects, they are irreversible, even if they stop taking the drug, which again doctors, drug companies, pharmacies and the FDA will deny! It”s a racket. I know they do lots of good, but they”ve created an over-drugged and unnecessarily drugged society in which many times the cure is worse than the disease itself they are trying to treat.” – Stever2258

I find this comment to be such an honest and genuine assessment of the drug crisis happening in our nation. This is more than a “get rich quick scheme” by “sue happy people and lawyers“. The real “get rich quick scheme” is an invention of the multi-billion dollar drug companies who produce a questionable product, offer incentives to doctors to market the drug and issue a recall as soon as people start dying. So remember, the next time drug companies post record high profits from drug sales, real people are suffering irreversible and permanent injuries at their expense.

So thank you to our readers for sharing your comments. Hopefully trial lawyers and consumers can work together to put an end to this problem in the near future.

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