Bed Sore Attorneys: Nursing Home Lawsuit to be Filed

Robert McLean and his guardian, Pam Dirnberger, filed a lawsuit in St. Clair County Circuit Court, in Illinois. The lawsuit was filed against Calvin Johnson Care Center, which is also known as Eldercare Inc. McLean, a disabled man with a mental illness, was a former resident of the Calvin Johnson Care Center. Bed sore attorneys say that during his time at the healthcare center, McLean developed severe pressure ulcers all over his body. The man was left in extreme pain, and as is the case with many bed sore victims, it may have been due to nursing home neglect.

Plaintiffs Seek Over One-Hundred Thousand in this Case of Severe Bed Sores

new jersey philadelphia bed sore attorneys Robert McLean Calvin Johnson Care CenterMcLean and Dirnberger, the plaintiffs, claim that Eldercare’s neglect led to the extreme pain that was inflicted due to the bed sores. Bed sore attorneys also believe that the plaintiffs will argue that the defendants have violated the Illinois’ Nursing Home Care Act because of their failure to properly recognize and treat a man who was so clearly in need of assistance. The complaint also alleges that the defendants failed to properly care for McLean’s sores, also known as decubitus ulcers, which arose on several parts of the man’s body. Professionals say that there may be a claim because it appears that these employees were not properly caring for the pressure ulcers. They also argue that the defendants may be liable for their failure to properly train staff to adequately monitor patients in need. Although the outcome will be decided by a jury down the road, bed sore attorneys urge victims to seek help from their families or any healthcare provider because these sores can be extremely detrimental to a person’s health.

Bed Sore Attorneys of New Jersey and Philadelphia

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