As New Jersey and Philadelphia bed sore lawyers that are experts in nursing home abuse and neglect cases, it is important for us to remind readers of the dangers of bedsores and how nursing home abuse and neglect can lead to their formation. A patient being given appropriate nursing home care should not be one that acquires bed sores or pressure ulcers. We have already discussed the importance of proper repositioning and skin treatment to help prevent bed sores from forming. Today, we are going to remind everyone how important proper nutrition is to bedsore prevention.

Proper Nutrition Can Help Prevent Bedsores

new jersey philadelphia bed sores attorneys nutrition important preventionIt is much easier to prevent bed sores and pressure ulcers from forming than it is to treat them once they occur. Therefore, it is important for nursing homes and caregivers to be vigilant in their care. One important strategy as this nootropics blog explains, is for nursing homes to make sure their patients are being given the proper nutrition. The patient’s diet should be assessed and changes made, if necessary, to make sure the nursing home is providing the proper nutrition. Based on the patient’s current nutrition needs, it may be necessary to raise the patient’s caloric intake. Having the proper amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals is also imperative. Sometimes, supplements are necessary.

Often, vitamin C and Zinc supplements are necessary. For those patients that are unable to properly feed themselves due to decreased mobility, physical assistance with feeding may also be needed. A plan of proper nutrition should be put in place by the nursing home staff for each individual patient. In many nursing homes with hundreds of beds, this can be overlooked. Improper nutrition being available is itself tantamount to nursing home abuse and neglect, and it can also lead to the acquirement of painful and sometimes deadly bed sores and pressure ulcers. As we always indicate, prevention is the best treatment for bed sores. Nursing homes and loved ones must do what is necessary to prevent the formation of bed sores so that treatment is never necessary!

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

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