Bed Sores – Stage 1

Bed sores and pressure ulcers, 99% of the time, are indicative of nursing home abuse. Usually, bed sores are classified as a Stage I, Stage II, Stage III, or Stage IV, but many of our clients do not know what the difference is between these. This blog post, and the following three in this series, are aimed at informing nursing home abuse victims, and their families, about their injuries and what they can do about it. Bed Sore Stage Classifications – Stage I Stage I bed sores represent the first stage of bed sores, and should serve as a warning sign to medical professionals and family members. Patients with Stage I bed sores typically … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Report on New Laws to End Elder Abuse

Nursing home abuse has become such a wide spread problem that some states are looking to crack down on offenders. Citing an increase in abuse of the elderly and vulnerable, some state lawmakers have advocated for adding persons convicted of elder abuse to a registry of offenders similar to the registry of sex offenders. While this new law would not increase penalties or make any new conduct criminal, it could go a long way in deterring and preventing future incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, most states do not have such laws in place and it appears that nursing home abuse is still on the rise. That is why it is … [Read more...]

Get Legal Representation: Nursing Home Abuse Still Widespread

Despite continued efforts by nursing home abuse lawyers and various governmental agencies, recent studies have shown that in some northeastern states, as many as one in seven people above the age of sixty have been subject to some form of elder abuse. In some states, as many as over 250,000 senior citizens suffer from incidents of elder abuse in any given year. These statistics are a sobering reminder for anybody who has a loved one currently receiving care in a nursing home facility. How Do I Know if My Loved One Has Suffered From Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect? First of, if you have any concerns, consult with an experienced attorney as … [Read more...]

Septic Shock is Number One Indicator of Nursing Home Negligence

According to the Nursing Home Complaint Center, a website sponsored by the consumer advocacy group America's Watchdog to provide people with a place to report the varying nursing home abuse events they have encountered, sepsis, also know as septic shock, is the number one indicator of intense nursing home abuse or neglect. These infections are usually preventable with normal and regular cleaning, but when they do develop, they often require trips to the hospital emergency room or even admittance to an intensive care unit. There is no excuse for this level of abuse. If you know somebody in a nursing home who has been diagnosed with septic … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect at Burlington County Nursing Home

As NJ and PA nursing home abuse attorneys who are continually trying to expose long term care facilities showing signs of nursing home abuse and neglect, we focus today on a Burlington County nursing home with a well below average rating according to Medicare's Nursing Home Compare System. Brandywine Senior Care At Moorestown, located in Burlington County, NJ, is a corporately owned, for profit long term care facility with a well below average Medicare rating. Brandywine Senior Care At Moorestown was routinely inspected twice between December 2008 and November 2010. During these two inspections, this long term care facility was cited for 15 … [Read more...]

Attorneys Report on Awful Abuse of Dementia Patient

As New Jersey and Philadelphia attorneys who have become experts on nursing home abuse and neglect cases, we continue to highlight nursing homes in which acts of elder abuse occur. The Delaware County, Pennsylvania nursing home that we will focus on today seems to be an example of horrible abuse by staff at a nursing facility. Quadrangle Nursing Home Residents Caught on Tape Abusing Dementia Patient The family of a 78 year old Lois McCallister, a patient at the Quadrangle nursing home in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, placed a “nanny cam” in view of their relative after she complained of being punched, slapped, and otherwise abused by … [Read more...]

Cherry Hill Rehab and Nursing Facility Falls Below Average

As New Jersey and Philadelphia lawyers who have become experts on nursing home abuse and neglect cases, we continue to highlight those nursing homes with below average ratings according to Medicare's Nursing Home Compare System on the official Medicare web site. This web site evaluates nursing homes all across the country and gives ratings of one to five stars. The nursing facility that we will focus on today was given one star, a below average rating under the Medicare rating system. Cherry Hill Rehab and Nursing Facility The Cherry Hill Rehab and Nursing Facility, located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is a corporately owned facility. … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse at Avista Healthcare in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

As attorneys representing clients from New Jersey and Philadelphia that have been victims of nursing home abuse and neglect, it is important that we continue to expose those nursing homes that are not performing to the average nationwide standards according to Medicare's Nursing Home Compare System. Today we will discuss a nursing home that is located in Camden County, New Jersey. Although this nursing home has not been cited for neglect in the form of bed sore acquirement and treatment issues, like many others, it has many of its own deficiencies according to the New Jersey Division of Health Facilities Evaluation and Licensing. … [Read more...]

Bed Sore Lawyers: Nutrition is Important to Bed Sore Prevention

As New Jersey and Philadelphia bed sore lawyers that are experts in nursing home abuse and neglect cases, it is important for us to remind readers of the dangers of bedsores and how nursing home abuse and neglect can lead to their formation. A patient being given appropriate nursing home care should not be one that acquires bed sores or pressure ulcers. We have already discussed the importance of proper repositioning and skin treatment to help prevent bed sores from forming. Today, we are going to remind everyone how important proper nutrition is to bedsore prevention. Proper Nutrition Can Help Prevent Bedsores It is much easier to prevent … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers With Twelfth Tip for Bedsore Prevention

As indicated in some of our previous nursing home abuse posts, the prevention and treatment of bed sores can begin with some very simple steps. This is particularly important for the nursing home patient that may have decreased mental awareness for a variety of reasons. Often, these patients are the ones that become victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. Daily plans and charts are particularly useful when dealing with nursing home patients who have a decreased mental awareness. Tip # 12 to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse It is particularly important for loved ones to carefully monitor the staffing of nursing home patients with … [Read more...]