Bed Sore Lawyers: Nutritious Diet Key to Recovery

Bed sore lawyers believe that patients who suffer from pressure ulcers need to meet with a dietitian as soon as possible. In association with a licensed dietitian, patients can determine the best diet for supporting healing and promoting recovery. Many elderly people who suffer from bed sores likely do not receive the proper nutrients daily. A malnourished individual who does not get a recommended daily diet lacks the capacity to synthesize protein in order to repair tissue. Questionnaire and Examination Generally Assist in Prescribing an Adequate Diet Through a series of questions and a physical examination, a physician can get a … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Neglect Causes Dehydration and Malnutrition

Dehydration and malnutrition are the most common forms of nursing home neglect and abuse. Nursing homes have a legal obligation to make sure that the health of their residents is being taken care of; this includes sustaining proper nutrition and hydration. They are responsible for making sure each resident receives a sufficient amount of nutrients, fluids, calories, protein, vitamins and minerals. If an elderly person becomes dehydrated or malnourished, it can lead to many health problems, including weakened immune system, disorientation, weak muscles, bedsores, and even death. The elderly are the most vulnerable to dehydration because … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Negligence in West Virginia Takes Life

A woman in West Virginia has filed a lawsuit against the nursing home that she believed killed her family member via nursing home neglect. The suit was filed by Angela Black of West Virgina against HCR Manorcare in Kanawha Circuit Court. The wrongful death suit claims that Rose died after receiving poor care which led to malnutrition, dehydration, untreated bedsores, and infection. While there, Rose suffered mental and physical trauma, and ultimately, death. Manorcare is a huge network of nursing homes with over 500 facilities in 32 states. The Mininno Law Office has blogged on the poor conditions and negligent care of Manor Care … [Read more...]

Bed Sore Lawyers: Nutrition is Important to Bed Sore Prevention

As New Jersey and Philadelphia bed sore lawyers that are experts in nursing home abuse and neglect cases, it is important for us to remind readers of the dangers of bedsores and how nursing home abuse and neglect can lead to their formation. A patient being given appropriate nursing home care should not be one that acquires bed sores or pressure ulcers. We have already discussed the importance of proper repositioning and skin treatment to help prevent bed sores from forming. Today, we are going to remind everyone how important proper nutrition is to bedsore prevention. Proper Nutrition Can Help Prevent Bedsores It is much easier to prevent … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Exposé: Burlington Woods

Today we once again expose a New Jersey nursing home with a below average rating according to Medicare's Nursing Home Compare. This website compares and rates nursing homes across the country and, as New Jersey and Philadelphia attorneys with expertise on nursing home abuse and neglect cases, we find this website an important resource. Today we will discuss a nursing home in Burlington County that has been given a 2 out of 5 star rating by the official Medicare website. Burlington Woods: Not the First Time We've Written About Them Burlington Woods is a nursing home with 227 long term beds. It is also a for profit, corporately owned … [Read more...]

Be Aware: What Are the Signs of Nursing Home Negligence?

As nursing home abuse lawyers, it is important that we educate people about what is considered nursing home abuse. We have discussed forms of physical abuse and the signs that a nursing home patient may be a victim of such abuse. However, nursing home patient abuse can take many forms. Negligence is a very common detriment to care quality in nursing homes, and definately a form of nursing home abuse. Nursing Home Negligence IS Nursing Home Abuse Neglect is defined as: –verb (used with object) 1. to pay no attention or too little attention to; disregard or slight 2. to be remiss in the care or treatment of 3. to omit, through … [Read more...]

Tip#6 for Bedsore Prevention: Proper Nutrition

If you have been following our posts, we hope that the nursing home abuse tips for the prevention of bedsores and pressure ulcers series have been helpful to you or a family member who may be a nursing home abuse victim. These bedsore and pressure ulcer prevention tips are quite simple, yet may make a difference in whether a nursing home patient develops a pressure ulcer or bedsore. The theme of these posts is simple: Prevention is always the best medicine when it comes to preventing bedsore and pressure ulcers in nursing homes. Tip#6 for Preventing Bedsores or Pressure Ulcers The sixth tip nursing home abuse lawyers offer in … [Read more...]

New Jersey and PA Nursing Home Abuse and OBRA Regulations

As a New Jersey nursing home abuse law firm, we constantly speak with nursing home abuse victims and/or their families. Many ask if Congress has been actively involved in the prevention of nursing home abuse. While the answer is indeed YES, more work is needed. Nursing Home Abuse Regulations through OBRA As far back as 1987, the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging held hearings to determine the scope of abuse that was occurring in nursing homes. The federal government deemed the nature and extent of the abuse occurring in nursing homes to be such a serious concern that at the same time, the United States Office of Inspector … [Read more...]

Arbitration Clauses Allow for Continued Nursing Home Abuse

Congress is considering the Fairness in Nursing Home Arbitration Act of 2009, which would invalidate mandatory arbitration agreements in nursing homes. This is an important law that needs to be passed in order to advance in the fight against nursing home abuse. Nursing homes make you sign a mandatory arbitration agreement when they accept your loved one for admission. Initially, nursing homes win you over with their promises of good, attentive, compassionate, and empathetic care. The last thing you are thinking about at that time is a nursing home abuse lawsuit. If, however, your family does find itself in the midst of injuries suffered … [Read more...]

How to look for Good Long Term Care Facilities

When a family member or loved one needs care but it has become too hard for you or your family to give it yourself, you want to find the best care possible for your loved ones. Too many times we hear stories about people that go to this nursing home or to that one and end up with injuries, are abused, suffer from malnutrition, have bed sores or other problems. Unfortunately, these are not just stories. These things happen to millions of elderly people every single day. If you want to make sure you are taking your loved one to a “sage” or high quality care facility, there are couple things you can do. You can talk with friends and neighbors … [Read more...]