Birth Injury Lawyers earn Compensation for Delivery Room Injuries

Sadly, as a New Jersey law firm that handles birth injuries and defects, many families come to us after their child has received a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. By definition, cerebral palsy is a “birth injury” because the condition develops prior to or during birth. However, there are many different types and severities of Cerebral Palsy birth injuries. Birth Injury Lawyers for Cerebral Palsy Families, nurses or doctors will usually spot symptoms or constellation of symptoms following birth that will lead to testing for a brain injury like cerebral palsy. These diagnostic brain and nerve tests help pediatricians and neurologists … [Read more...]

Birth Defects and Depakote Could be Linked

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in December 2009, informed Health Care professionals about the increased risk of neural tube defects and other major birth defects associated with the use of Depakote during the first trimester of pregnancy. Doctors typically warn women who are looking to become pregnant of the correlation between Depakote and birth defects in the first trimester of pregnancy. They should also warn women who are not planning pregnancy but are sexually active of the risks. By the time these woman know they are pregnant, it may be too late to prevent the many birth defects that can occur as a result as Depakote use … [Read more...]

Orlando, FL Jury Awards $38.75 Million in Cerebral Palsy Case

In March, an Orlando jury awarded a $38.75 million dollar verdict after medical malpractice in the delivery room caused an irreversible birth defect: cerebral palsy. A C-section was necessary to deliver the baby safely, but was not performed in a timely matter, resulting in the neurological disorder that affects body movement and muscle coordination. In situations where the standard of care dictates the necessity of a caesarian section, waiting to perform the surgery is considered severe medical negligence. This delay can cause permanent birth defects, including minor to severe brain damage. Cerebral Palsy Cerebral Palsy often occurs … [Read more...]