Bed Sore – The Fourth and Final Stage: Free Consultation

Bed sore lawyers say that the fourth and final stage of pressure sores brings about a large scale loss of tissue. Some wounds may be so deep that tendons, bones, and muscles can actually become exposed. Within the depths of the wound, slough (dark dead tissue) and significant drainage is likely built up. We know that the fourth stage signifies deep and widespread skin damaged caused by the bed sore. Medical attention is required to preserve the health and life of patients.

The Road to Recovery

new jersey philadelphia bedsore attorneys fourth stage final recoveryPeople need to get in contact with their doctor or health care provider as soon as possible. This stage of bed sores can lead to a serious deterioration of health and even worse, it could cause death. Following a medical consultation, it is imperative that people closely monitor the status of the bed sore. We know that the first sign of recovery will be that the wound will slowly begin to diminish in width and depth. New tissue will begin to form along the edges of the sore, which will generally be a light pinkish color. People may also notice blood at the site of the wound: although most people usually see blood as a bad sign, in the case of bed sore recovery it is actually a positive sign. Bed sore attorneys believe that blood shows that there is good circulation in this region of the bed sore which will help the region begin to heal.

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If you or a loved one has recently suffered from a pressure sore which you attribute to neglect or mistreatment, it is possible that you would like to speak with our professionals. Please contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation, or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

Surgical Errors: Do You Really Need Surgery to Cure a Stomach Virus?

new jersey surgical errors complications attorneys tech surgery stomach virusA recent research study by the University of Washington revealed that sixteen percent of appendectomies are performed on hospital patients who don’t need them. Medical tests can determine if the patient has a stomach virus or inflamed lymph nodes that mimic the symptoms of appendicitis.
Although appendicitis can be a serious illness (and if untreated potentially result in wrongful death), many hospitals are too quick to operate and remove the appendix when this organ is not causing the patient’s symptoms: sixteen out of every one hundred hospital patients will be subjected to this surgical errors and complications.

How Can This Surgical Error be Reduced?

A patient should ask the hospital for a CAT Scan of the stomach if a patient’s white-cell count is over 10,000 cells per microliter. This medical test should always be done before appendix surgery to confirm the correct medical diagnosis to determine f the appendix surgery truly must be performed. Otherwise, an unnecessary surgery can expose a patient to many surgical risks such as infection, bleeding and wrong site surgery. These surgical risks can be more deadly to a patient then appendicitis.

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Surgical errors are a very common form of hospital negligence: Medical Malpractice victimizes hundreds of thousands of patients each year. If you or a loved one have suffered at the hands of a negligent medical provider, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation, or call for a free consultation: (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey and (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

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Orlando, FL Jury Awards $38.75 Million in Cerebral Palsy Case

new jersey philadelphia birth defects cerebral palsy attorneys medical malpractice jury orlando $39 millionIn March, an Orlando jury awarded a $38.75 million dollar verdict after medical malpractice in the delivery room caused an irreversible birth defect: cerebral palsy. A C-section was necessary to deliver the baby safely, but was not performed in a timely matter, resulting in the neurological disorder that affects body movement and muscle coordination.

In situations where the standard of care dictates the necessity of a caesarian section, waiting to perform the surgery is considered severe medical negligence. This delay can cause permanent birth defects, including minor to severe brain damage.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy often occurs when an unborn baby is in “fetal distress.” Fetal distress often describes an abnormal heartrate and/or insufficient oxygen. There are three things a doctor can do during fetal distress before a c-section is necessary:

  1. Put the mother on her left side, which can increase the baby’s heart rate;
  2. Increase the amount of intravenous fluids being administered to the mother; and
  3. Give the mother more oxygen.

Upon the failure of all three of the above attempts to remove the baby from fetal distress, the doctor must swiftly deliver the baby either by c-section, forceps, or vacuum extraction.

In the event of the $38 million dollar verdict, the Doctor should have performed a c-section, but waited. Unfotunately, that wait caused a disorder that child and it’s family will live with for the rest of their lives.

NJ and Pa Birth Defect Attorneys: Mininno Law Office

Birth defects are absolutely avoidable. The difference between a healty baby and a baby with cerebral palsy could be a matter of seconds, and doctors must act quickly when a baby’s life is on the line. If your child suffers from an irreversible birth defect and you find yourself having to pay for care you never anticipated and can’t afford, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

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Avoid Medical Malpractice by Being a Safer Patient

new jersey philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys negligence avoid being safer patientAccording to a study by Hearst Newspapers, medical malpractice claims the lives of approximately 200,000 people a year. The study also asserts that medical malpractice is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. It’s frightening to think that almost 200,000 people die each year from preventable mistakes.

It would be irresponsible, however, to assume that we, as patients, have no control over the outcome of a doctor’s visit or surgical procedure. By being pro-active with our own healthcare, and staying on top of our own treatment, we can work to avoid the potential mistakes that could change, or even end our lives.

Ask Questions!

Asking questions is key to understanding what is going on with your healthcare. Ask your provider all of the questions you can think of, and if you can’t think of any, bring someone with you who can. Ask about your prescriptions and procedures; what are they, what are they meant to treat, are there any alternative treatment options? Ask how often your provider performs the procedure you are about to undergo. What is the success rate? Failure rate? Ask about what you can do to prepare for a procedure. What can you expect doctors and nurses to do in preperation for your procedure? Ask what to expect from your recovery. What activities should you avoid in recovery? What can you do to assist your recovery? Ask your doctor when you should follow-up. If the follow-up plan changes, ask why!

Be Informed!

Use the sources available to you to research the doctor or hospital providing your medical care. Websites like Medicare’s Hospital Compare, The Joint Commission’s Quality Check, and The Leapfrog Group are all available to provide you with information regarding the history and safety of your medical institution.
Infection control is a major area of concern that you should pay close attention to. Your state health department website will also have pertinent information regarding health and safety records for hospitals and physicians.

You want to be informed about yourself as well. Know your past medical history. Bring lists of all of your medications and allergies. Keep test results in your own medical file. Always have copies of your hospital discharge papers sent to your primary care physician.
You may even request copies for your own medical file (This would come in handy should you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of suing for medical malpractice).


Too many ailments go undiagnosed because both doctor and patient fail to follow-up. We assume that when we get tests done, we will be alerted of any undesirable results. That is not always the case. If we are sent to a specialist for those tests, many times the specialist assumes the doctor will follow-up, and vice versa. Be in charge of your own medical care, and personally follow-up!

NJ and PA Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Medical Malpractice, as the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., is far to prevalent. Precautions must be taken on the part of patient and provider in order to begin shrinking these numbers of medical malpractice related death and injury.
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Do People File Frivolous Medical Malpractice Suits To Get "Time and Attention" From Their Doctor?

What is the real reason behind the medical malpractice crisis in this country? Could it be medical malpractice victims and “unethical lawyers” who file lawsuits solely for “time and attention” from the physician? Apparently, that”s what some doctors think.

Example number one is this quote from the doctor at Brain Blogger:

Studies have shown that patients who ultimately file a lawsuit are looking for something from the physician. Usually it is time and attention and not money. Unfortunately, money typically is the solution when it gets to that point. Unfortunately, given that the system is set up so that physicians settle out of court, the physician can be penalized by frivolous claims.

Wow-that”s a new one. Let me see if I have this straight. A person who is now unable to work and permanently disabled after a bad doctor makes a careless mistake is only bringing a lawsuit because they want the doctor”s “time and attention?”

Where is the research to support this conclusion? Has he actually talked to patients who have been victims of malpractice? Has he spoken to a young mother is permanently disfigure because a bad doctor misread her mammogram?

Here”s another doctor quote to add to the mix. The doctors over at Physician Entrepreneurs are encouraging all physicians to “band together” against frivolous medical malpractice suits. Here is the main argument from the post:

Doctors who have had enough with frivolous lawsuits have banded together to analyze frivolous lawsuits and take action to discourage unethical lawyers, their paid “experts”, and others from participating in future lawsuits .Medical Justice, launched in 2002 is a membership-based organization designed to complement tort reform and head off frivolous lawsuits.
The service started by a neurosurgeon and attorney has two important components. First, they look at the quality of the so-called expert-witness testimony..

These doctors have started a whole organization to stop “frivolous lawsuits” brought by “unethical lawyers.” Sounds pretty noble right? Not when you stop to look at the facts.

What benefit does a lawyer get for filing a frivolous lawsuit? Number one, there are sanctions and penalties against such actions. Number two (and most importantly), it would make no economic sense whatsoever for a lawyer to file a frivolous medical malpractice lawsuit. Malpractice lawyers work for free – which means that they do not get paid unless they win. Therefore, the cost of experts, research, medical records, etc. is financed personally by the attorney. If they lose or the case is thrown out, the only person that takes a hit is the lawyer. Why then would any business person in their right mind waste resources on a case that has no merit. Here, at MinFirm we screen out and reject about 100 cases for each one we take. Each case is screened by a lawyer, a nurse and a doctor before it ever gets to court.

Like MinFirm, most malpractice attorneys are very selective in the cases that they take. Lawyers may have a reputation for a lot of things, but they are definitely not stupid. And in my opinion, putting out thousands of dollars to bring a frivolous lawsuit is stupid.

It”s even more stupid to suggest that victims of malpractice bring suits for “time and attention” from their doctor. I”m pretty confident that people can find a more constructive way to make friends and get attention than submitting themselves to scrutiny by defense lawyers hired by billion dollar insurance companies.

Sounds to me like these “doctors” are really just the mouth pieces for the insurance industry lobbyist. The majority of good caring doctors believe that patients are entitled to be fairly compensated for injuries by bad doctors. The insurance industry efforts would be better spent “banding together” measures to implement safety procedures and standards to stop incidents of medical malpractice and weeding out doctors that carelessly hurt people.

For further information on medical malpractice lawsuits in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, click on the following link:
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How Can I Find Out If My Doctor Has Been Involved in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

I stumbled across an interesting website this morning- you can check it out at is a basically a watchdog site where you can look up information on any doctor, including whether or not he/she has any malpractice settlements in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia or West Virginia.

In addition to doctor reports, the site also gives patient safety ratings on local hospitals and nursing homes. I actually experimented with the nursing home feature to see what kind of information was returned. Surprisingly, their reports were very comprehensive and provided a lot of useful information for those looking for a quality nursing home facility.

And while the nursing home information that I pulled up was free, the medical malpractice search was not. The site charged a fee of $7.95 for a one-time malpractice settlement search and then an additional $4.95 for a monthly doctor update. For those who remain undeterred by the initial fees, here”s what the national media has to say about the site:

Find the Best Doc – Rating Systems for Doctors

Aren”t there already Web sites out there that provide these types of ratings? Couldn”t I look you up on the Internet and try to find out more about you, Dr. Gupta?

Yes, you could and people have already done that… There is a Web site HealthGrades that you can do that sort of thing. You go on there and type in your doctor”s name to get a report. Some of these reports have a fee where you actually pay for them but some of them are free. You look up the types of procedures the person does and there is patient feedback
– CNN News, January 8, 2008

Rating Your Doctor

Word of mouth has always played a big role in medicine. A doctor”s reputation is constantly being shaped by conversations among current and potential patients…

Online services like already analyze public and private records on physicians, hospitals and nursing homes, providing a more detached look at how well they perform…”
– TIME Magazine, January 4, 2008

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