Cerebral Palsy Attorneys Win Large Verdict in New York State

In New York State, a tremendous verdict was awarded recently to a 24 year old woman who suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Results After Prolonged Oxygen Deprivation

new jersey philadelphia cerebral palsy attorneys win big verdict new yorkTiffany Busone and her mother sued the Bellevue Maternity Hospital (now known as the Bellevue Women’s Center) for negligently delivering Tiffany on July 15th, 1984. Tiffany was deprived of oxygen for nearly 15 minutes while doctors failed to properly resuscitate her. She now suffers permanent brain damage because of it.

The Saratoga County, six member jury, made up of three men and three women, unianimously agreed to award Tiffany the $43.5 million dollar verdict. The money breaks down to $20 million for home health aides, $15 million for future pain and suffering, $6 million for past pain and suffering, and the remainder for medical expenses and loss of wages.

Tiffany will always require a wheel chair, home health aides, special medical equipment, and, despite her above average intelligence and bachelors degree from Arizona State University, will never be able to hold a job to support herself financially. Her lack of motor skills and permanent brain damage will render her unfit for the workforce.

This verdict will serve to support Tiffany and her mother, who cares for her, for the rest of Tiffany’s life.

Cerebral Palsy Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

If your child suffers from a birth injury or defect such as cerebral palsy, it may be due to medical malpractice or negligence. Contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation. The medical malpractice and cerebral palsy attorneys at the Mininno Law Office are here to answer any questions that you may have regarding your legal rights. You can also call at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

Birth Injury Attorneys Can Help When Doctors Act Negligently

Childbirth, though a painful and difficult process, should be a beautiful and profound experience for parents. That is why there are doctors who study and are strictly trained in gynecology, obstetrics, and childbirth. But mistakes in the delivery room can be irreversible, and in worst case scenarios, fatal. It is when these mistakes occur that birth injury attorneys will be necessary.

What are the Most Common Birth Injuries

new jersey philadelphia birth injury attorneys help doctors act negligentlyBirth Injuries that commonly occur include Cerebral Palsy, Erb’s Palsy, face paralysis, bruises and swelling, Shoulder Dystocia, and brain damage. These injuries are generally brought on by oxygen deprivation and doctor error. Oxygen deprivation is commonly caused by umbilical cord compression, the improper insertion of an oxygen tube, Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (the baby inahles it’s own fecal matter or amniotic fluid), or excessive time spent in the birth canal.

The events that lead to oxygen deprivation are more often than not caused by doctor error. These errors could include misinterpreting test results, misreading mother or baby vital signs, incorrect use of forceps or vacuum extraction, poorly timed C-Sections, and improper use of force during delivery.

Birth Injury Attorneys in New Jersey and Philadelphia

Doctors are trained to act quickly in the delivery to avoid tragedies like permanent brain damage and death. Sometimes, however, they act negligently and tragedy occurs. If your child was born with a birth injury and you are now facing bills for medical care you were not prepared to provide, and you believe those injuries were brought on by medical negligence, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation. You may also call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers Win $3 Million Verdict in New York

A New york Jury has recently awarded a $3 million verdict to 18 year old Marlayna Kineke, a young woman who suffered a serious brain injury due to medical malpractice during her childbirth 18 years ago.

Negligent Doctor Causes Permanent Injury

new jersey philadelphia Medical malpractice lawyers big verdict new yorkDr. Stephen Serlin was summoned at 5am on February 24th, 1993 to perform an emergency C-section for Marlayna’s mother, Dawn Kineke. He did not arrive at the hospital until 7am, and the procedure didn’t begin until 8:14am. In that time, Marlayna suffered fetal asphyxia from umbilical cord compression within the womb, which caused cerebral palsy and a host of additional developmental issues.

Serlin ordered the C-Section the day before, February 24th, after labor was ineffectively induced. However, he and his mid-wife left the hospital for more than four hours, which is against hospital policy, especially while they had a patient in a certain level of distress.

The verdict is meant to cover pain and suffering, medical bills, and rehab costs, and the remainder will be placed in trust and used for Marlayna’s care. “It sounds like a lot of money, but it has to pay for her care for the rest of her life,” her attorney said.

Serlin’s insurance company can cover $2 million, and he may have to pay the Kineke’s $1 million on his own.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

Marlayna’s life was forever effected when Dr. Serlin negligently delayed her delivery. Had Dawn not waited so long for the procedure, perhaps fetal asphyxia would never have affected Marlayna’s brain. She will need to receive special care for the rest of her life, care that is not cheap.

If you or a loved one are victims of medical malpractice or negligence, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation, or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

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Medical Malpractice Attorney’s Victory Upheld

An Ohio judge refused to order a new medical malpractice trial at the behest of defense attorneys this past Wednesday in the case of 10 year-old Haley Cobb.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Get Birth Injury Victory

medical malpractice attorneys new jersey philadelphia victory upheldHaley Cobb was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after her vaginal birth. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the doctor, Dr. Tara Shipman, should have performed a c-section. Failure to do so caused oxygen deprivation to Haley’s brain, and led to cerebral palsy. A 15 day trial in October won Haley’s parents, Okey and Debra Cobb, $13.9 million dollars. Also enforced was a $6.5 million dollar settlement the Cobb’s reached with other parties pre-suit. All in all, the Cobbs will receive $20.4 million for the lifetime of care and special medical necessities for their daughter, Haley.

Dr. Shipmen’s attorneys believed that plaintiff’s counsel acted inappropriately, that the jury’s verdict was excessive, and that, additionally, they were swayed by “sympathy, passion, and prejudice.” Trumball County judge, Judge W. Wyatt McKay, did not feel as though the arguments were valid, and denied the request for another trial.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in NJ and PA

Without the “excessive” verdict, the Cobb family would have to face the countless expenses of a special needs child without assistance. The money awarded them in court was not excessive, but absolutely necessary. Especially since it is unlikely that Haley will ever be able to fully support herself. Okey and Debra will be accountable for Haley as long as she is living, and their jury award will make sure they are able to do that.

Without a good medical malpractice attorney fighting on your side, you will not be able to receive the compensation you rightfully deserve. If you are the victim of medical malpractice, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation, or call for a free consultation at 856 (833-0600) in New Jersey or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.
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Birth Injury Lawyers earn Compensation for Delivery Room Injuries

Sadly, as a New Jersey law firm that handles birth injuries and defects, many families come to us after their child has received a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. By definition, cerebral palsy is a “birth injury” because the condition develops prior to or during birth. However, there are many different types and severities of Cerebral Palsy birth injuries.

Birth Injury Lawyers for Cerebral Palsy

Families, nurses or doctors will usually spot symptoms or constellation of symptoms following birth that will lead to testing for a brain injury like cerebral palsy. These diagnostic brain and nerve tests help pediatricians and neurologists make a more specific diagnosis as to the nature and extent of the child’s brain injury. It is usually after such testing that a family will learn the type of cerebral palsy or brain/nerve injury that is suspected in the child.

birth injury lawyers new jersey philadelphia delivery room injuriesMany times the characteristics of the condition depend on the severity of the child’s muscle limitations and what parts of the brain’s cognitive functions are affected. For example, spastic cerebral palsy is the most common diagnosis. Athetoid dyskinetic is the second most common form of Cerebral Palsy afflicting children. Many times, these conditions are not immediately noticed at birth, but sometime after the child begins to develop. These are congenital birth injuries because these types of CP typically develop in utero. However, if a child has this type of birth injury, it does not necessarily mean that it was caused by medical error or a negligent doctor. These types of birth injuries can, and many times do, happen in the absences of medical negligence. A New Jersey birth injury lawyer will need to carefully review all of the medical records to help determine if this type of brain injury was or was not caused by medical malpractice.

Birth Injury that is attributed to Medical Negligence

There are certain types of cerebral palsy that birth injury lawyers and national organizations recognize as types of birth injuries that can be attributed to an injury or accident by a doctor during the birthing process. For example, Erb’s palsy is a palsy recognized by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. This organization makes that clear that although birth injuries can occur at any time, many Erb’s palsy injuries happen during the vaginal delivery of a baby.

Sadly, many of these types of birth injuries are caused by medical errors or medical malpractice. As a New Jersey birth injury lawyer who represents parents whose children have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it is important to understand the nature of the condition with which your child has been diagnosed. There are no hard and fast answers as to whether or not certain types of CP can or cannot be caused by medical malpractice or error. We have tried to give you a general outline above. However, it is always best to speak with a New Jersey or Philadelphia birth injury lawyer to get a full and free evaluation of your child’s condition.

Birth Injury Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

If you have birth a child who was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and you feel that the condition was caused by negligence in the operating room, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation, or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

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Orlando, FL Jury Awards $38.75 Million in Cerebral Palsy Case

new jersey philadelphia birth defects cerebral palsy attorneys medical malpractice jury orlando $39 millionIn March, an Orlando jury awarded a $38.75 million dollar verdict after medical malpractice in the delivery room caused an irreversible birth defect: cerebral palsy. A C-section was necessary to deliver the baby safely, but was not performed in a timely matter, resulting in the neurological disorder that affects body movement and muscle coordination.

In situations where the standard of care dictates the necessity of a caesarian section, waiting to perform the surgery is considered severe medical negligence. This delay can cause permanent birth defects, including minor to severe brain damage.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy often occurs when an unborn baby is in “fetal distress.” Fetal distress often describes an abnormal heartrate and/or insufficient oxygen. There are three things a doctor can do during fetal distress before a c-section is necessary:

  1. Put the mother on her left side, which can increase the baby’s heart rate;
  2. Increase the amount of intravenous fluids being administered to the mother; and
  3. Give the mother more oxygen.

Upon the failure of all three of the above attempts to remove the baby from fetal distress, the doctor must swiftly deliver the baby either by c-section, forceps, or vacuum extraction.

In the event of the $38 million dollar verdict, the Doctor should have performed a c-section, but waited. Unfotunately, that wait caused a disorder that child and it’s family will live with for the rest of their lives.

NJ and Pa Birth Defect Attorneys: Mininno Law Office

Birth defects are absolutely avoidable. The difference between a healty baby and a baby with cerebral palsy could be a matter of seconds, and doctors must act quickly when a baby’s life is on the line. If your child suffers from an irreversible birth defect and you find yourself having to pay for care you never anticipated and can’t afford, contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation or call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

Our NJ and Pa birth defect attorneys are experienced and eager to help you earn the compensation you need and deserve.