DePuy Hip Recall News Update

As New Jersey and Philadelphia DePuy hip recall lawyers, we have been posting information regarding the DePuy hip recall and how it is affecting patients. If you are one of the 93,000 patients worldwide who were fitted with a DePuy ASR hip implant, hopefully you have been following these posts regarding the lawsuits.

DePuy Recall Multi-District Litigation

As we have posted, over 100 DePuy hip recall lawsuits filed around the country have now been consolidated in the United States Court for the Eastern District of Ohio and Toledo under MDL2197. U.S. District Judge, David A. Katz, has been assigned to handle all of these Federal Court DePuy hip recall claims.

new jersey philadelphia depuy hip recall lawyers claim updateAs a result, Judge Katz is responsible for coordinating all pretrial discovery and litigation concerning the nature of DePuy’s defective hip implant to promote judicial economy, prevent duplication of the same discovery in hundreds of cases, prevent the potential for hundreds of judges each individually ruling on the same issue, and to prevent inconsistent judicial rulings from these judges. The DePuy hip recall multi-district litigation (MDL) is a great way to streamline the DePuy hip recall litigation, conserve judicial resources, and save the parties money.

Although these DePuy hip recall lawsuits are consolidated under Judge Katz, each DePuy hip recall patient has his or her own individual case within the consolidated group case. If Judge Katz is unsuccessful in resolving any DePuy hip recall lawsuit before trial, that party’s case will eventually be sent back to where it was filed, and trial will proceed in that jurisdiction.

Thus far, the DePuy hip recall litigation consolidation has been effective. When Judge Katz was first assigned the DePuy case, there were only seven cases pending throughout the country. However, since the consolidation order, there have been over ninety-six DePuy hip recall lawsuits filed in over 34 different federal courtrooms. All of these DePuy hip recall cases are now consolidated under Judge Katz to be handled as is detailed above.

DePuy Hip Recall Lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia

As New Jersey DePuy hip recall lawyers, we support the consolidation of any case filed in Federal Court. However, many New Jersey and Philadelphia DePuy hip recall lawyers prefer that these case be filed in State court and not be consolidated with the MDL being managed by Judge Katz. If you are a DePuy hip recall patient, you should contact the Mininno Law Office for a free case evaluation, and to determine which jurisdiction is better suited to your case. You may also call for a free consultation at (856) 833-0600 in New Jersey, or (215) 567-2380 in Philadelphia.

Please check back as we will continue to post about the DePuy hip recall litigation and any other developments under Judge Katz.

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